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tautology1_01.jpgErasing today the third special message from my mail provider who gives such opportunity to one on a thousand users I could observe the way some hotels in, certainly the hottest curorts in Europe, try to provide self with enough customers. It’s so nice when someone is nice to me. Much nicer is to be nice from heart and without the material reason.

I’ve noticed it to be quite a release, to be able to write out everything, send the url of a blog to all contacts and get over it with the silence consuming me before in a way that does not hurt anyone. Being self with cutting all the speculations and expectations may hurt some, but well I didn’t ask them to think about me what collide with what they read nor read it either. Hurt exists in the head only so they one can deal only alone with living own expectations instead of reality. I’d rather have fun time believing that each click in blogstats is a fully read post or posts and be happy that someone actually cares about things I have to say. Even keeping it 50% to remain real is fun. It just makes all tension go off easily and following own thoughts helps in correcting them as long as the truth to self is maintained. Skill as such, thankfully, doesn’t stop to function once computer is off.

Better intentions mean less problems and better life. Overcoming obstacles becomes the art of love and style. Stagnation becomes a flow, flow takes life onto new tracks and allows to change its ways, give up habits, replace them with new regularities, unattached ones that also can be given up one day when their time comes to be replaced with the new ones. Blog helps me to sense the flow. Difference between computer and fellow man lies in fact that machine always have time to listen and never exposes man to deal with its own emotional problems. In Matrix we live where money with piramids on it says “in God we trust”. What used to be human shared state of being human now belongs to technology. I’ll look for practical interpersonal ways of achieving state of being close with others though. I think I have some success already. Primary release and first impact of positive way I influenced self with this blog is over. All what counts to me now has been already revealed, all what I did not reveal goes private, I’m free of being guilty of being alive and all I just wrote is not important and let go.

Who wants more can leave now, who is happy with what I give from my free will and when I want to give it, is welcome to stay. I’ll keep blog active for now, but question what more is it gonna be about while the heart is lighter, remains unknown. Answer lies in quality not quantity and i’m learning it. Right now I’ve invented to inspire self with every second of my life. Just like I always did. I agree it doesn’t make sense, however it is well known that many find out own unique way to the same source. Those ways helped others to chose their own ways and those ways again can help find others to find their own unique way so having it blogged has exactly the same sense like not having it blogged. There is a way to the source that puts it such way too. Quite ancient. It’s called Zen.


Humankind as a tribe – the spine of all cultural systems

Reaching to the restored picture of the world before the system was invented remains possible. Such views are found in luckily still existing tribal cultures. Therefore we can observe our system and civilization from the great tribe point of view and the tribe from sociological point of view. Having the base of human society and its next step, civilization, we can consciously create the structures of new step, the chance for human consciousness to evolve. Thanks to that we will not have to go back into existential support with limited ability of inventing like it was in a tribe nor we have live in conflict between body and mind as it takes part in civilization.

Chief of tribe participates in its good and bad times. The dream of governments, partially their reason of their loyalty falls, causes that the rest saws the branch all sit on. Indigenous man has the capability to exist without threatening own ecosystem. It is not a human perspective here, in such being eaten by bear has nothing to do with balance, but from the environmental point of view and general dependencies of ecosystems, such situation is completely normal. Definitely better explains self than a genocide that proves that our dream-system finds it difficult to be human as long as the wars of any kind are accepted. We are no better nor worse than a bear. Daniel Quinn in already mentioned book writes about the way the balance of ecosystems was supported by tribes, next developmental stage after herd. Each tribe thanks to its hermetical construction towards the other tribe (migration existed only on the level of youth kidnapping) functioned like one predator with its territory, what effected in limited reproduction capacities. Hierarchy in tribe was similar to one in a herd, only the ability of analytic thinking and wide generational knowledge transfer, differed it from other animals. Today as “society-predator” we are, is much bigger than our hunting territory and everyone who learned biology in primary school knows where it leads. Today those individuals that have been put out of society having no verbal ways of expressing it, instinctively feel their right to exist and oppose the common dream through their antisocial existence. Similarly like with tribes, their rebellion is unique, thanks to that, they do not endanger the dream-system. In cases of rare rebels – geniuses they actually try to make it more real. But genius must accept the polishing method in order to cooperate with the system, meanwhile the outcast remains depending on self, beyond its structure. If the dream was real, both described cases would immediately die once devoting their brains to such decision. Cooperation of strength and wits in tribal system was equal, serving survival of all against the hostile nature. We have inherited that fight, we won it but we will fail if we don’t stop fighting. Civilized man has much more time for thinking but way he defines his goals is hard to be called clever. Remaining in that “eternal” opposition directs own deeds according to their quality but being incomplete from the out of system point of view remains unable to act with perspective, limited to the unique and immediate actions. Opposition known in Christianity as a fight between God and Satan or in Hinduism as the limits originating from belonging to certain cast are the examples on fact, that the war on nature remains on its primordial level and today strengthens only the dissonance in the dream. Let’s not forget that god, given here the aspect of mother earth, will win this battle with the human satan. Will win and resist, even if humankind will destroy itself. But we already have some changes that will help to analyze the dream better. Two thousand year old evolution of Europe in consistent religious system points out that individuals fall into sleep and decide about their sides in dream conflict in early childhood. On the American continent, where its culture goes through evolution fastened by coexistence with other old global traditions, European based dream have already worked out some forms of consensus, so far on economical bases, but it’s a good start for next stages of development. European man can find there many answers on question who we are, or rather how we dream, as far as one is capable to look into self and find all kinds of truth. Independently from the fact do we place our belief in religious system or in its negation, basing actions in a present and beginning with self development depends only on individual’s choice.

mercuryglobe2.jpgIn Europe the role of tribe has been taken over by nation and such system functioned until October Revolution. The governing senior supported by tradition and ancestral orders puts certain expectations on all members of the family. Those expectations are everywhere the same: work (unless we talk about aristocracy, than order is: fulfill commitments to your people – we can observe here the governing existing as craftsmanship of royal families) and multiply to prolong our species. October Revolution brought first, technologically widespread impact that had worsened the style of governing craftsmanship but not its structure. (From global point of view such impact could happen earlier in the era of colonization, and also allowed European technologies to be used by other cultural systems). Our ecological problem comes from the fact that today’s grandfather has exactly the same message. He is not conscious what does it mean that during his lifetime, thanks to the technological development, the earth’s population had tripled. Therefore, remembering own childhood it requires from his progeny exactly the same way of thinking and acting, what from the ecological point of view starts to be out of control. In parallel, senior attacks all globally induced on his offspring behaviors that are beyond his imagination to accept. Homosexuality, vegetarianism, replacing nationalism with patriotism or the way of arranging marriages are ostracized by him, bringing new impact on conflict within the family. Thanks to that, more and more people feel not at home and insecure all their lives long. Mentioned examples are actual today same way like those were women or protestant rights before only mentioning Galileo or Copernicus. The reason of choosing refusal of patriarch orders is often induced by the rhythm of global changes and connected with ability to work. Conflict remains in individual and is maintained by work environment as the element of competition. The civilization of singles, who find satisfaction in emotional close up in the tower of own convictions and material goods, is probably already the biggest group of population able to wake up, if only the information of such possibility would be provided. Their emotional alienation and frustration caused by fulfilling the requirements of the system, knows no other ways of self-fulfillment than through the purchase of new consumption elements – remaining the same way in agreement with the capabilities of their patriarchs consciousness. Today it means that because of their lack of ecological consciousness they are also one of the most destructive factors and those, who’s denial of awakening will be directly proportional to the shock caused by it. They don’t know the meaning of “enough” and are helped to dream this way, thanks to the media, creating always new, fictional material needs and leaving the development of consciousness without the tracks nor the answers. Media are not blamed here, they work for survival with all their possible means too. The real challenge lies in finding such ways among informational chaos, that puts the information about how to treat the nature and evolve through atrocities of modern family before the promotion of violence and frustrations caused by more consumptional than emotional approach to the sexual encounter. Man in the tribe wasn’t reduced to his penis size what can be the link, that it is worthy to examine their mentality to discover real family bounds and ways to love own bodies instead of only training them, what only sharpens the interpersonal communication. Maybe in future we will all work less with limited existential needs and spend more time on the development of internal harmony? It is worthy to point out as well, that in tribes similar way like in some Asian traditions the posts of doctor and priest are connected in one, meanwhile in western culture those professions are separated.


Modern tribal man, who only produces and consumes within the boundaries of the system filling the lowest stage of Maslov’s pyramid, can identify self only through that penis, the only real part of self the dream system accepted for him, for the obvious reasons of prolonging the species. The access to pleasures is defined through access to goods. It is not known how many modern man is addicted to pornography, but it is surely easier to control the flow of goods with those, who thanks to being emotionally deserted have no control over selves. Ones who deny that system, are left unemployed and burn cars in France. Those who accept it, expose self to stress and overweight. The existence of new tribes originating on the frontiers of civilization is as old as civilization itself. Difference lies in fact that today majority of teenagers is attracted or forced to became outcasts, unable to find the place for themselves in the world built by people who never predicted the rhythm their kids are to live in. Patriarchs remain the decisive centers and by not changing their requirements, condemn own offspring to became the victims of consumption, trapped by givers of “better dreams”. Instinctively those who offer them better life beginning with commercials and finishing on drug dealers have natural right for it, because they don’t offer a lie for a truth, only the exchange of fiction. Dream system limits the transformation in a way unknown to tribes, in which each individual, feeling to be stronger and wiser, could challenge the chief for the common good. Civilization offered us the lack of one visible chief, replaced by abstraction of his existence in a way, we can’t polemicize nor influence him/her. We can’t count on patriarchs to help at that moment, the awakening in their age seems to be impossible, especially if we consider the rhythm of changes they are used to, and the terror brought on them, once they realize their talents of predicting. In a face of overpopulation without knowing the solution of subsisting such a population, if the peaceful thinking is alien to some older people, it places them out of the needs and capabilities of the group. They lose their patriarchal rights to define the morality. Technologically we are able to organize the humankind in one not necessarily sleeping system already. It is enough to remember that despite the place taken in pyramid we are exposed to exactly the same external influences and the dream ends where the hurricane comes.

Simple present-past tense

Mother is getting on her feet slowly. She’s got that jet lag thing going on, so she goes to sleep in the middle of conversation and wakes up in the middle of the night. I don’t mind it at all, since I live almost without organized sleeping hours. It is amazing how many spins of attention we got around us or our minds create. Not many were informed about her coming back, first she planned to go south and stay few weeks in a Karpaty mountains, so her getting to Warsaw was quite sudden. And yet many people who were not around for half a year just called or appeared to ask when she will be back, effectively to meet her. Her friend from Paris called to ask same day she came back. They’re both engineers and have really astral friendship going on. I remember myself few years ago, when she visited, passing by the kitchen and hearing the voices of two women talking. I stopped confused because I didn’t recognize any of them. Unwillingly I overheard their conversation and only after few moments I realized, that those two are girls talking in a dormitory. Time in the kitchen shifted back to the root of their friendship. Young and happy, without kids, husbands, jobs and commitments bigger than to pass next mechanics exam. To meet that aspect of my mother was an overwhelming experience and as much as I’m not supposed to wish for her and interfere in her life such way, I wish her to ease up now, when all she has to do is to enjoy her retirement and take care for herself.

My parents young and happy enjoy the end of summer. Early seventies, I’m on my way behind the bouquet

Probably getting one unemployed son out of her sight would be a good idea but there is a reason we live in one place right now. I don’t get the reason so far but I know that it’s a good one. Monday is the best day for job adds in Warsaw and arranges my interview week schedule pretty much. This week Thursday is the day I’ll try to became a flight attendant but not with the price of soul. I’ve tried some physical jobs before. Problem was, that it is hard to pretend to be completely dumb for such a long time and even if work was ok, one true word that sooner or later slipped through my mouth, made me immediately fired. Three days was my maximum. In think my bosses were afraid if I won’t establish the trade unions. That’s what happens in a country with not clear law. I should look for a blind boss. At last someone will be satisfied with being informed about what they see. And certainly blind bosses can’t read it, so God keeps pulse on irony. Now, when she’s back there is no more room renting, just few lessons left. Fast time. I don’t mind free time, I can build it up for myself already, but with pool or gym would be more effective. Getting something socially useful done without overworking self to exhaustion wouldn’t hurt either. But I have no reason to complain at all. I have this book “Informatyk w niebie” (“Computer scientist in heaven”) I sent to publishing houses six months ago and according to their policies, they should send me and answer after that time, even if it’s a two letter word. I didn’t get even one response and book has been submitted in seven places. I wonder is it better to keep naïve hopes or to be sad, that nowadays even the publishing houses have no manners. There is third option too. They’ve decided, as a precaution, not to contact exceptionally me, after they read it, but it’s hard to believe it to be so good. Well, I believe.


There is more snow and its colder, so there are more birds at my birdfeeder. Sparrows, few kinds of tits and for special occasion chaffinches are the visitors here. I like the way they’re light and happy. It’s nice of them to adjust to the city. There are few other birds in much bigger numbers that have adjusted to the urban condition as well. Magpies, crows, jackdaws and pigeons come and try to feed here too, however as intelligent birds they chose those times when I’m not around. First I welcomed all equally. Pigeons were first to be sent away … after balcony cleaning. Black birds were sent away for reason I’ll describe a bit later. To have only small birds around I stopped to put seeds straight on the balcony and made a bird feeder. I made it tiny on purpose, so only the small birds can get into it and there is no mess on the balcony. In a city smaller bird’s population is decreasing while bigger ones grow stronger so they don’t need so much help. Seeds were already protected, but very special activity of the jackdaws and crows asked me to invent also a different way of hanging the fatback for tits. Once they were hanging from the top of the balustrade and those inventive black birds were coming and pulling the rope up. Once the fatback reached the top of balustrade they stood on it pecking their food ferociously and bringing all the metal construction in such resonance, that I was jumping out of bed, armed with air gun just like any other decent, scared white person, alarmed about earthquake, fire, terrorist attack and certainly last but not least the danger of alien abduction. Running to the source of noise I saw the big black bird flying majestically off my balustrade and the pork fat turned into pendulum. Now it hangs from the rope stretched between two metal pillars and no matter how intelligent they are, they are nor chimpanzees nor men and don’t use tools like scissors so far. Chaffinches don’t come often. They live on the Vistula banks that thanks to levees have that hundred fifty meter long belt of nature. Not a manmade nature but nature nature. I saw those birds out here only few times, more often while walking behind the levees. They are beautiful. Here is a peaceful, quiet noon time in nature on my balcony.

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freaky bus air fights and the music

So mother got back from India. Taxis, planes, buses, trains and certainly she shouts instead of talking. It is the only way she knows, to establish the serious communication with other person and to maintain it. I can’t help not having my heart pierced through each time the door slums or voice raises in cry of attention. I’d wonder how much time I have before jumping in that energy of constant instability, but I know it will not happen in my rich in self healing present. I know that it’s difficult to expect from retired lady who had to take care of the little boy during the martial law (when e.g. you could buy only 1kg of sugar or flour per person a month and getting the toilet paper was equal with hours of standing on a street in a line full of arguments and even fights). Yet they managed to raise me in love and security, so if I inherited something from them it’s the optimism and durability to withstand the obstacles. They as obstacles are hard to imagine, I’d rather think in terms of challenge that allows new thinking to exist without revolutionary aggression and brutality in over slamming the old one. This is my favorite way of finding harmony in everlasting present. Change of the system may have had changed my parents material being, but certainly not the ways of managing things. Before democracy there were the tough times for a nation and their parents had even much worse during the Second World War. Generations united in hatred and withstand to authorities have a real problems with finding the ways of living in peace. Conspiracy theory is their most serious pathology. When I sit on the bus and try to listen to the music, to feel it and to be it, since there is nothing more interesting to do, always someone starts to “talk at me”. It means that nobody talks to me, just with each other or on the phone, only staring at me and trying to put such an not alert behavior (nor devoted to moneymaking nor suffering because of being guilty of whatever) into the social rules. Those social rules mean being owned and controlled by some kind of tragedy that one should be never over with and obedient to…? I noticed that those talks and guilty looks trying to burn me at stake, once burned out and exhausted by selves in lack of efficiency, leave folks sad and scared. I think that people who are not free, once stop being busy in enslaving each other, feel their own misery. It runs through the generations around here. Parents of Polish grandfathers were born under the rule of three different monarchs and short time of independence between two World Wars was just enough to fight with each other’s conceptions of the state that was being formed on different cultural traditions. Protestant Germany, catholic Austrian-Hungarian empire and orthodox Russia were masters of full generation in the past and later joined by ghosts of nazis and bolsheviks haunt our today’s democracy. We are indeed very multicultural society but using the same language we just don’t know about it.
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Crazy freak bus fights go on and let me remind, that there is no way to gain any benefits from gaining control over the bussit neighbor so it’s pure stupidity to do it. So I concentrate on the music. People who fight with others using emotional base for such an activity suffer on exhaustion that causes the emptiness and lack of will to act for self development later. I suppose that more stylish and peaceful countries in Europe have actually more blood on the white glove covered hands and that’s why people seem calmer there and however I’d evaluate what is done there, there is much more done. Madness in the way people treat one another seems to be quite common and eternal, or at last six thousand years old, but me, as the socially certified evil rebel of alien civilization, I’ll stick to my softcore, meditative, detaching and normal version of it.

Diagnosing the science

My civilization observing comes again and I can’t help it not to sound scientific. Being surrounded by shouting people who think that the power of raised voice is equal to the power of argument helps a lot. I understand it, silently not agreeing with them. The example of the Freud’s and Jung’s thought development in clinical practice points out, that the scientific thought develops not only according to it’s depth but also according to the factors of civilization development such as accessibility of its resources and the economy of functionality. Psychiatric hospitals treat patients with visible symptoms of such diseases strictly pharmacological way, meanwhile the examinations that bring logical answer to the question what is the madness, if not the common dream of indigenous cultures, have disappeared from the field of the modern, technological man’s studies. The only track of such examinations we can find in “eternally” reborn movements that try to give the new names to the same interpersonal and energetic phenomena. (Stream of such beyond religious system movements in Christianity is as old as the religion itself, evolving from sorcery to esoteric knowledge. It defines those phenomena same way like it does quantum physics, just using other approach.) From obvious reasons the science that serves the development of the fund keeping groups is better known than such, that argues with those plans or suggests their changes. That second kind of studies stripped from support goes calm, enriched in rare in analytical thinking – consciousness of biological existence. Ecological data point out that it is necessary to respect their input as well, so they do not stay solitaire and out of context in modern information chaos, but anchored in survival instinct of collective consciousness.


As far as the scientific thought remembers, since the eldest historical data, the world looks according to certain scheme, in which we live today too. The pyramid of system existence drawn by Abraham Maslov is everywhere the same with the exception of small areas, where indigenous people have survived. Surely the style and level of existence, equally, in workers and governors life has changed, but the base of their relation have remained the same. Everyone in the moment of accepting that pattern, despite personal relation to it, enters the adulthood. Only condition is to support the fact that “that’s the way it’s always been, is and will be” or to fight with it. After fulfilling that stage, personal development depends from the personal relation to such actually not so eternal fact, and from the intensity of it within the psyche of one.

Why “that’s the way it’s always been, is and will be”? Daniel Quinn in his nomen omen fiction book titled “Ishmael” explains that phenomena by calling it “The great Forgetting”. According to him the collective memory of humankind starts to exist only on the certain level of its development, more exactly when the writing was invented. That means that all the changes in consciousness of humankind that had taken place before that event are not considered as the evolutional factors belonging to the category “that’s the way it’s always been, is and will be” not belonging in fact to the way we remember since six thousand years. But the humankind is much more older. Before the writing was invented the sun cult must have been transferred to the abstract divine aspect creating the first illusion, matriarchy was replaced by patriarchy, the trade and social pyramid must have had been created. Only under such circumstances the need of writing and the amount of time free from physical work and survival fight in order to invent it, could have been created. Surely biological dependencies of sexes are the same today as they have ever been, but since it is culture not just the biology that decides about use of those dependencies the dream defines itself even better. The real question is what have we forgotten that brings on us such ecological consequences today. (Surely the answer lies partially in biological condition of human. E.g. we are not afraid of death anymore but each has his/her own file of fears, dangers and accepting barriers and only few awakened treat fear as the first stage of the development). Even before writing invention the unity of man against the death of the species has been replaced by unity of casts in favor of protecting their influence on others. Reassuming the collective memory is six thousand years old, meanwhile the first tribal (not herd) Neanderthal man who’s culture and beliefs had influenced homo sapiens are dated back to forty thousands years. The evolution of human consciousness took place through thousands of years meanwhile till today we call ourselves modern using the model of system dated back only six thousand years and polishing its style but not the structure. One of the effects of such activity is the repetition of certain spiritual celebrations without understanding their purpose. We have no prove that such interpretation is false, similarly like we don’t know if the indigenous ancestral legends told by father to son do not transform on their way. There would be nothing alarming in such facts if not the present condition of our civilization that points out our rather childish adulthood.1114.jpg

Personal development still stops on the social barrier once achieving the capacity to serve the system and we face overpopulation, the threat of ecological disaster and constant lack of the global system balance, that would secure the continuity in achieving balance between man and environment. Parallel to denial of that state, humans became wilder, since they are the part of natural environment themselves, and restrict selves form their relation to it. Cultural restrictions towards biological needs and roots cause huge gaps in social psyche and such problems like overpopulation, induced growth of man’s competitive nature that gives no ease on proper social behaviors to came to light. Survival instincts of man in such a huge number of them must mutate back to tribe relations between them. Those are not the natural, generational way bounded by survival way tribes, rather groups representing similar perspectives that are nor necessarily awakened from the ecological point of view. From one side we get more civilized from the other one in our jobs we fall from humanity and interpersonal relations in order to remain on our steps of social pyramid. Concentrated on personal goals we believe in their significance to the whole, but we do not notice nor their connection to the environment nor the fact that we are a part of it. I wonder how much longer that “protected way of life” in our Western hemisphere will prevail with the curiosity of little boy observing the train accelerating towards the abyss. Detaching myself from knowing that actually I’m on that train is the best I can do today.

Ladybug and a slaughter of the innocent

ladybug_flying_lg_wht.gifMy mother comes from India soon. She wasn’t around for a half a year again and now I’ll have to get used to a challenge of obedience to parent without following mistakes of her. As far as I see the credibility of all the rules my parents obey on thermometer during that snow less winter I have no reason to trust their opinion undoubtedly. But I did some major cleaning during which I met the ladybug currently living in wooden floor. That brought very vivid memory to me. My first attempts to be a good boy that effected in the slaughter of the innocent.
I was five and it happened in autumn. I met a ladybug on a dresser and took it to my father. He explained that ladybugs hibernate for winter and told me to put it back where I found it and then my red, dotted friend will spent the winter safely and in spring will be ready to start a new season. I liked ladybugs. They were not stingy nor afraid of man and always climbed the highest point on the palm to fly away. There is this polish child chant to ladybug while she climbs the palm.” Ladybug fly to heaven, bring me piece of bread from there.” So I decided to help them to survive winter. During the Saturday trip to the woods instead of playing with dog, climbing up to the look-out or playing next to the feeding rack I collected all lady bugs I could find into a matchbox. I must have had saved about three hundred specimens. All colony found itself on the top of the dresser when we got home. Next few days I was experiencing that there in no need to help nature, not disturbing it is enough. Ladybugs were everywhere. They were to be tread on, smashed against the walls, swimming in soup and in a bathtub actually not into a hibernation on the top of the dresser. My father wasn’t even angry, he just started to observe me carefully and started to have a tendency to stay calm and considerable before sharing with me the wisdoms of the world. He learned quickly that his child draws his own conclusions and brings them to deeds without consultation.
Next time I vacuum I will check on the ladybug before cleaning there. She (or he) decided to spent the winter here herself (or himself) after all.

Observing the civilization

Most of the humanity lives in the dream they call reality. There is nothing strange about it. Most of the religions say about the need of giving up the illusion to find the way to God and none of them defines the divine helping self only with defining the aspects of it. Naturally, there is no need to agree with any of them, but even then analytic mind cannot leave the question „How many times, while thinking about the money I can earn I remember that money is a paper from cut tree and it has global consequences?” with protecting its right to be called so.

False reality that has no connection with logical factors of eco-system our brains work in is formed by many factors. Collective consciousness and cultural barriers are the effect of hundreds of years of the evolving religions, nations, folk habits and languages they communicate through. The present for the most of people who actually have the impact on natural environment usually is based on the media image, local environment and personal work specialization of one, using previously mentioned factors. Personal development that actually can approach the truth is usually limited through economical and political conditions. It doesn’t happen so because of the conspiracy theory nor persecution mania, it’s just the natural fact about the mechanism of civilization. Egyptian solar eclipse replaced by public executions and finishing on a cold war and war on terror are nothing more than a forms of controlling the population. It’s just civilization form thanks to which system functions and evolves to became better. Contradictory arguments on a world map are up to one’s birthplace. There is nothing strange about it either, it is well known fact, that the crowd is not the safest formation and anarchy is not equal with peace nor development. History explains to us, that systems started to exist simultaneously and in separation from each other. Thanks to that their confrontation for many is equal to the fight for survival. Surely we cannot exist without the system. (The reason why establishing laws to be obeyed by people includes the necessity of control through fear is parallel to the question of human nature. It’s just the way it is. All who rebel against it can be asked to deal with Vedas, ten commandments, Confucian ancestor obedience or other local beliefs. If the reader is able to withstand such a confrontation in front of the mirror, surely will not cause with own behavior such circumstances, that may cause others to rebel against him/her).
Global system contains many competing or balancing each other centers. Lack of unity in that system and competition between its religions and cultures were positively influencing development through the centuries. Each part of the globe (despite few indigenous areas) functions according to the same structure basing the essence of its center on similar however contradicting each other fictive dogmas, that are the reality for their inhabitants. Since those separate centers grow in opposition to each other the exploration of planet’s natural resources became competitive. The dreaming governments of separate centers use the same economical base, but motivate they actions in relation to each other not in relation to the base they all depend from. It is already too late and all will suffer certain consequences of such power condition, but delay of wake-up may cause that all known world will end. Armageddon is present in many religions (and intellectual fields – read later). That’s why the cultural awakening of analytic thinkers that are able to form and work on necessary changes in cultural consciousness may create new ways of the technological and spiritual activities in order to stop the chaotic march of humankind sleeping in different cultural systems. It seems to be the only solution that does not require casualties required by present stagnation. Ecological balance will be achieved anyway, none can claim such lack to Mars or Venus. Earth will probably manage as well but in our common interest lies a survival with other life forms.

homo blockus

Warsaw lies on the suburbs of modern corporational empire. Most of the people live in blocks carefully watchin their neighbours, one on the other, the difference with countryside lies only in fact that doing somethig that TV does not aprove nor mention wakes up social panic before unknown faster. Labor camps still seem for many as a good reason for sacrifice and there are almost no man who knows about the relation between human being and its financial worth, even on the managing posts. Those folks survive by not knowing that money is not eatable and actually comes from cut trees. I know it and I don’t do it so I’m unemployed. I’m also out of rat race because I know, I’m at home, I don’t do crimes and have clear conscience not following the mistakes of my ancestors. Even without job just renting and giving private lessons is enough to pay a flat, aikido, eat, even go out once month to theatre – I mean live performance. And three job interviews last week. I know it I don’t do it and I don’t allow others to do it to me…People who contribute more to the global warming think I’m crazy. I understand their point of view just don’t believe in a bliss in falling into their civilizational dream. I don’t wait, I exercise, read job posts, write, meditate. It is difficult to do it alone and sometimes I just sleep surrounded by apathy, but I wake up take a deep breath and don’t give up.

My honest job is out there and when the time comes it will come too.

The Flow

ts-half-sunmoon.jpgWe are all trapped in the present, and we flow according to our surroundings, but only those who keep in their heart any kind of love can survive without braking down or burning out in the pace of expectations. Therefore world can be perceived equally as heaven and hell for those who’s perspective does not reach out further than Christianity. For their dogmas, just like any others, actually do define what the present is defining reality for themselves. I’m not into eternal fight between satan and god, I find balance of jing-jang much more attractive.
Some say that God had already left that place and does not care for it anymore but I don’t agree with such perspective. For me there is always solution allowing man to withstand all what suffocates him, and to exist in peace with self and others. There is a certain speeding up connected with social expectation, that one that wants us to give from us as much as we can and as fast as we can deliver it, but the question of personal style allows us to know if the best we deliver has its potential when being given slowly with time necessary to be appreciated in its fines and details. Those who already know it, cannot hurry at all, furthermore have time to treat with compassion all those who know no other way, just fast running. Faster you run, slower you think. Finish of the rat race is on a graveyard but everyone ends up there anyway. Threat of the running ones, afraid of not getting there on time, seems illogical and actually when we walk, we can be the last ones there and die laughing. Life goes on for conscious of death for they’re not running into dead ends of cheating on it.

Life has it’s balance then, gets over the amazement and tragedy with the same peace and distance. None cares about tragedy, actually human thoughtlessness makes us rather overloaded globally with such events, but with the amazement things are different. Seems so ironic for humans to work so hard to reach such state, search for centuries how to achieve the ways of sharing it with others and then… it occurs that it was actually just for getting over with it. But the memory of the beauty and peace simply lasts despite the present. Atr is a great way to share those states, cumulate them and use them as the tools of getting over with the elements of evil within self. Yet there comes the state, far from description, while being in the present is not a trap anymore just the state of peace and fulfillment so great that the words that that put in certain order can only describe thoughts, can only waken up the release of feeling for the reader. Readers are unique so the words must vary when some prefer artichoke hearts eaten on the sunny patio over the sitting on the grandmothers lap under the apple tree in the mid summer when even the clocks are too lazy to follow the common sense of quantum physics. Such touches of blue can only approach the sear for the genuine, allow all presents to let go in order to express one unique way of stopping the time in the moment of eternity that is. Point will be unique in any way. Some will never understand it closed in hell of own minds, others will open for it. Point of reaching that state that is only up to the will of every reader oneself.

Those readers who have a trust and ability of giving selves up and surrendering to others in order to be taken without parallel losing self have easier way to achieve that than those who can only experience through selves until trust alone reveals a peaceful solution to them, but even then they stay alert forever. Wonder is like when releasing through sex once gets replaced by falling in love. It cannot happen without a choice. Such choice is only for brave ones who don’t care about social skeleton and are like the live hearts beating own rhythm to the very end.
Things man according to local dogmas is not supposed to do and yet does every single day so he can be free with every fiber of his being, in the most crude selfishness of letting self be natural mean fight. It doesn’t matter if his freedom is internal and good or external and evil. Fight comes with both cases, one comes from self defense other from those who want to take more there, where all is given. Human hunger to replace the spot, they can awake only by themselves and through their free will, shows the righteousness of internal development choice that shares love being given without interest just from pure love. To be better in that art one must be aware of ignorant who need the shepherd not to be monumentalized in such place. Knowing meaning of enough and closing door before lazy of waking selves, closing it with forgiveness and wisdom is the challenge for all, who actually decided to love in the civilization where only the things have a price.ijime.jpg
Rising above vulgarity is nothing more than expressing the need for a gentle touch where the frequency of harsh push got many into the exhaustion and points directly that there is nowhere else to go. Many live behind that border of vegetation and taboos want them to treat each other like things, not allowing to approach bodies in sensual conversation in which not getting to the peak is the point but the way towards that point. Once losing touch none can escape further, for there is nowhere to run. Wherever we will escape, there is no way of not dragging that bag of protein and brain. We’re always condemned or rather blessed with our own company. It is only up to us if we like it or not. Liking it comes also with from learning how to touch again. Liking own company seems to be a wise choice for our own happiness. Once when there is enough on material level, there is always somewhere else to go beyond that level. There is no need to visit porn theaters, drink, get into addictive shopping nor go overweight. Present is awesome, because it is not defined by anyone, actually none except self can define present for us, unless we let them, but even then it ceases, when we are in the room alone. If we are sad or desperate being alone only the release of demons, not following other’s in their struggles (they try to share with us in naïve intention of improving our common reality) can help. Solitude is a freedom of own demons being released and trapped in one way street, the way they don’t come back.
Once over them, one can say the word defining self. It is not possible to write it, each must simply tell it out loud. Everyone does it, but those who are not conscious of it mumble self the tragedy. Difference is like a swearing or praise once heard from the other’s lips. Reaching the point of equal right to exist with others comes with realization and limitation of own intrusiveness on others. Than own word has the same right of defining reality like each one’s who reached freedom. Free are those who’s bodies belong to universal understanding of self but not ego. All who’s ego claims to be a link leading other man according to God’s will condemn selves to suffering.
Your choice lies in whether your perception of time gets over and over again with suffering as in continuum of time, or it stops immediately in definition of its non existence perceived as present – the singular, squarearea lacking, point on the time line. The essence of what it contains when we think about love or what it lacks when we think of hatred remains the same. Some see war as opportunity other as disaster. Some die some get rich some find human inside themselves thanks to war. Some see wars before they come and start and already build the ways of cleaning after them. There is never the last Mohican for people right and of good will are born in every second. To be free from war all you need to do is to monitor own thoughts 24 hours a day.



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