Observing the civilization

Most of the humanity lives in the dream they call reality. There is nothing strange about it. Most of the religions say about the need of giving up the illusion to find the way to God and none of them defines the divine helping self only with defining the aspects of it. Naturally, there is no need to agree with any of them, but even then analytic mind cannot leave the question „How many times, while thinking about the money I can earn I remember that money is a paper from cut tree and it has global consequences?” with protecting its right to be called so.

False reality that has no connection with logical factors of eco-system our brains work in is formed by many factors. Collective consciousness and cultural barriers are the effect of hundreds of years of the evolving religions, nations, folk habits and languages they communicate through. The present for the most of people who actually have the impact on natural environment usually is based on the media image, local environment and personal work specialization of one, using previously mentioned factors. Personal development that actually can approach the truth is usually limited through economical and political conditions. It doesn’t happen so because of the conspiracy theory nor persecution mania, it’s just the natural fact about the mechanism of civilization. Egyptian solar eclipse replaced by public executions and finishing on a cold war and war on terror are nothing more than a forms of controlling the population. It’s just civilization form thanks to which system functions and evolves to became better. Contradictory arguments on a world map are up to one’s birthplace. There is nothing strange about it either, it is well known fact, that the crowd is not the safest formation and anarchy is not equal with peace nor development. History explains to us, that systems started to exist simultaneously and in separation from each other. Thanks to that their confrontation for many is equal to the fight for survival. Surely we cannot exist without the system. (The reason why establishing laws to be obeyed by people includes the necessity of control through fear is parallel to the question of human nature. It’s just the way it is. All who rebel against it can be asked to deal with Vedas, ten commandments, Confucian ancestor obedience or other local beliefs. If the reader is able to withstand such a confrontation in front of the mirror, surely will not cause with own behavior such circumstances, that may cause others to rebel against him/her).
Global system contains many competing or balancing each other centers. Lack of unity in that system and competition between its religions and cultures were positively influencing development through the centuries. Each part of the globe (despite few indigenous areas) functions according to the same structure basing the essence of its center on similar however contradicting each other fictive dogmas, that are the reality for their inhabitants. Since those separate centers grow in opposition to each other the exploration of planet’s natural resources became competitive. The dreaming governments of separate centers use the same economical base, but motivate they actions in relation to each other not in relation to the base they all depend from. It is already too late and all will suffer certain consequences of such power condition, but delay of wake-up may cause that all known world will end. Armageddon is present in many religions (and intellectual fields – read later). That’s why the cultural awakening of analytic thinkers that are able to form and work on necessary changes in cultural consciousness may create new ways of the technological and spiritual activities in order to stop the chaotic march of humankind sleeping in different cultural systems. It seems to be the only solution that does not require casualties required by present stagnation. Ecological balance will be achieved anyway, none can claim such lack to Mars or Venus. Earth will probably manage as well but in our common interest lies a survival with other life forms.


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