Ladybug and a slaughter of the innocent

ladybug_flying_lg_wht.gifMy mother comes from India soon. She wasn’t around for a half a year again and now I’ll have to get used to a challenge of obedience to parent without following mistakes of her. As far as I see the credibility of all the rules my parents obey on thermometer during that snow less winter I have no reason to trust their opinion undoubtedly. But I did some major cleaning during which I met the ladybug currently living in wooden floor. That brought very vivid memory to me. My first attempts to be a good boy that effected in the slaughter of the innocent.
I was five and it happened in autumn. I met a ladybug on a dresser and took it to my father. He explained that ladybugs hibernate for winter and told me to put it back where I found it and then my red, dotted friend will spent the winter safely and in spring will be ready to start a new season. I liked ladybugs. They were not stingy nor afraid of man and always climbed the highest point on the palm to fly away. There is this polish child chant to ladybug while she climbs the palm.” Ladybug fly to heaven, bring me piece of bread from there.” So I decided to help them to survive winter. During the Saturday trip to the woods instead of playing with dog, climbing up to the look-out or playing next to the feeding rack I collected all lady bugs I could find into a matchbox. I must have had saved about three hundred specimens. All colony found itself on the top of the dresser when we got home. Next few days I was experiencing that there in no need to help nature, not disturbing it is enough. Ladybugs were everywhere. They were to be tread on, smashed against the walls, swimming in soup and in a bathtub actually not into a hibernation on the top of the dresser. My father wasn’t even angry, he just started to observe me carefully and started to have a tendency to stay calm and considerable before sharing with me the wisdoms of the world. He learned quickly that his child draws his own conclusions and brings them to deeds without consultation.
Next time I vacuum I will check on the ladybug before cleaning there. She (or he) decided to spent the winter here herself (or himself) after all.


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