Humankind as a tribe – the spine of all cultural systems

Reaching to the restored picture of the world before the system was invented remains possible. Such views are found in luckily still existing tribal cultures. Therefore we can observe our system and civilization from the great tribe point of view and the tribe from sociological point of view. Having the base of human society and its next step, civilization, we can consciously create the structures of new step, the chance for human consciousness to evolve. Thanks to that we will not have to go back into existential support with limited ability of inventing like it was in a tribe nor we have live in conflict between body and mind as it takes part in civilization.

Chief of tribe participates in its good and bad times. The dream of governments, partially their reason of their loyalty falls, causes that the rest saws the branch all sit on. Indigenous man has the capability to exist without threatening own ecosystem. It is not a human perspective here, in such being eaten by bear has nothing to do with balance, but from the environmental point of view and general dependencies of ecosystems, such situation is completely normal. Definitely better explains self than a genocide that proves that our dream-system finds it difficult to be human as long as the wars of any kind are accepted. We are no better nor worse than a bear. Daniel Quinn in already mentioned book writes about the way the balance of ecosystems was supported by tribes, next developmental stage after herd. Each tribe thanks to its hermetical construction towards the other tribe (migration existed only on the level of youth kidnapping) functioned like one predator with its territory, what effected in limited reproduction capacities. Hierarchy in tribe was similar to one in a herd, only the ability of analytic thinking and wide generational knowledge transfer, differed it from other animals. Today as “society-predator” we are, is much bigger than our hunting territory and everyone who learned biology in primary school knows where it leads. Today those individuals that have been put out of society having no verbal ways of expressing it, instinctively feel their right to exist and oppose the common dream through their antisocial existence. Similarly like with tribes, their rebellion is unique, thanks to that, they do not endanger the dream-system. In cases of rare rebels – geniuses they actually try to make it more real. But genius must accept the polishing method in order to cooperate with the system, meanwhile the outcast remains depending on self, beyond its structure. If the dream was real, both described cases would immediately die once devoting their brains to such decision. Cooperation of strength and wits in tribal system was equal, serving survival of all against the hostile nature. We have inherited that fight, we won it but we will fail if we don’t stop fighting. Civilized man has much more time for thinking but way he defines his goals is hard to be called clever. Remaining in that “eternal” opposition directs own deeds according to their quality but being incomplete from the out of system point of view remains unable to act with perspective, limited to the unique and immediate actions. Opposition known in Christianity as a fight between God and Satan or in Hinduism as the limits originating from belonging to certain cast are the examples on fact, that the war on nature remains on its primordial level and today strengthens only the dissonance in the dream. Let’s not forget that god, given here the aspect of mother earth, will win this battle with the human satan. Will win and resist, even if humankind will destroy itself. But we already have some changes that will help to analyze the dream better. Two thousand year old evolution of Europe in consistent religious system points out that individuals fall into sleep and decide about their sides in dream conflict in early childhood. On the American continent, where its culture goes through evolution fastened by coexistence with other old global traditions, European based dream have already worked out some forms of consensus, so far on economical bases, but it’s a good start for next stages of development. European man can find there many answers on question who we are, or rather how we dream, as far as one is capable to look into self and find all kinds of truth. Independently from the fact do we place our belief in religious system or in its negation, basing actions in a present and beginning with self development depends only on individual’s choice.

mercuryglobe2.jpgIn Europe the role of tribe has been taken over by nation and such system functioned until October Revolution. The governing senior supported by tradition and ancestral orders puts certain expectations on all members of the family. Those expectations are everywhere the same: work (unless we talk about aristocracy, than order is: fulfill commitments to your people – we can observe here the governing existing as craftsmanship of royal families) and multiply to prolong our species. October Revolution brought first, technologically widespread impact that had worsened the style of governing craftsmanship but not its structure. (From global point of view such impact could happen earlier in the era of colonization, and also allowed European technologies to be used by other cultural systems). Our ecological problem comes from the fact that today’s grandfather has exactly the same message. He is not conscious what does it mean that during his lifetime, thanks to the technological development, the earth’s population had tripled. Therefore, remembering own childhood it requires from his progeny exactly the same way of thinking and acting, what from the ecological point of view starts to be out of control. In parallel, senior attacks all globally induced on his offspring behaviors that are beyond his imagination to accept. Homosexuality, vegetarianism, replacing nationalism with patriotism or the way of arranging marriages are ostracized by him, bringing new impact on conflict within the family. Thanks to that, more and more people feel not at home and insecure all their lives long. Mentioned examples are actual today same way like those were women or protestant rights before only mentioning Galileo or Copernicus. The reason of choosing refusal of patriarch orders is often induced by the rhythm of global changes and connected with ability to work. Conflict remains in individual and is maintained by work environment as the element of competition. The civilization of singles, who find satisfaction in emotional close up in the tower of own convictions and material goods, is probably already the biggest group of population able to wake up, if only the information of such possibility would be provided. Their emotional alienation and frustration caused by fulfilling the requirements of the system, knows no other ways of self-fulfillment than through the purchase of new consumption elements – remaining the same way in agreement with the capabilities of their patriarchs consciousness. Today it means that because of their lack of ecological consciousness they are also one of the most destructive factors and those, who’s denial of awakening will be directly proportional to the shock caused by it. They don’t know the meaning of “enough” and are helped to dream this way, thanks to the media, creating always new, fictional material needs and leaving the development of consciousness without the tracks nor the answers. Media are not blamed here, they work for survival with all their possible means too. The real challenge lies in finding such ways among informational chaos, that puts the information about how to treat the nature and evolve through atrocities of modern family before the promotion of violence and frustrations caused by more consumptional than emotional approach to the sexual encounter. Man in the tribe wasn’t reduced to his penis size what can be the link, that it is worthy to examine their mentality to discover real family bounds and ways to love own bodies instead of only training them, what only sharpens the interpersonal communication. Maybe in future we will all work less with limited existential needs and spend more time on the development of internal harmony? It is worthy to point out as well, that in tribes similar way like in some Asian traditions the posts of doctor and priest are connected in one, meanwhile in western culture those professions are separated.


Modern tribal man, who only produces and consumes within the boundaries of the system filling the lowest stage of Maslov’s pyramid, can identify self only through that penis, the only real part of self the dream system accepted for him, for the obvious reasons of prolonging the species. The access to pleasures is defined through access to goods. It is not known how many modern man is addicted to pornography, but it is surely easier to control the flow of goods with those, who thanks to being emotionally deserted have no control over selves. Ones who deny that system, are left unemployed and burn cars in France. Those who accept it, expose self to stress and overweight. The existence of new tribes originating on the frontiers of civilization is as old as civilization itself. Difference lies in fact that today majority of teenagers is attracted or forced to became outcasts, unable to find the place for themselves in the world built by people who never predicted the rhythm their kids are to live in. Patriarchs remain the decisive centers and by not changing their requirements, condemn own offspring to became the victims of consumption, trapped by givers of “better dreams”. Instinctively those who offer them better life beginning with commercials and finishing on drug dealers have natural right for it, because they don’t offer a lie for a truth, only the exchange of fiction. Dream system limits the transformation in a way unknown to tribes, in which each individual, feeling to be stronger and wiser, could challenge the chief for the common good. Civilization offered us the lack of one visible chief, replaced by abstraction of his existence in a way, we can’t polemicize nor influence him/her. We can’t count on patriarchs to help at that moment, the awakening in their age seems to be impossible, especially if we consider the rhythm of changes they are used to, and the terror brought on them, once they realize their talents of predicting. In a face of overpopulation without knowing the solution of subsisting such a population, if the peaceful thinking is alien to some older people, it places them out of the needs and capabilities of the group. They lose their patriarchal rights to define the morality. Technologically we are able to organize the humankind in one not necessarily sleeping system already. It is enough to remember that despite the place taken in pyramid we are exposed to exactly the same external influences and the dream ends where the hurricane comes.


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