tautology1_01.jpgErasing today the third special message from my mail provider who gives such opportunity to one on a thousand users I could observe the way some hotels in, certainly the hottest curorts in Europe, try to provide self with enough customers. It’s so nice when someone is nice to me. Much nicer is to be nice from heart and without the material reason.

I’ve noticed it to be quite a release, to be able to write out everything, send the url of a blog to all contacts and get over it with the silence consuming me before in a way that does not hurt anyone. Being self with cutting all the speculations and expectations may hurt some, but well I didn’t ask them to think about me what collide with what they read nor read it either. Hurt exists in the head only so they one can deal only alone with living own expectations instead of reality. I’d rather have fun time believing that each click in blogstats is a fully read post or posts and be happy that someone actually cares about things I have to say. Even keeping it 50% to remain real is fun. It just makes all tension go off easily and following own thoughts helps in correcting them as long as the truth to self is maintained. Skill as such, thankfully, doesn’t stop to function once computer is off.

Better intentions mean less problems and better life. Overcoming obstacles becomes the art of love and style. Stagnation becomes a flow, flow takes life onto new tracks and allows to change its ways, give up habits, replace them with new regularities, unattached ones that also can be given up one day when their time comes to be replaced with the new ones. Blog helps me to sense the flow. Difference between computer and fellow man lies in fact that machine always have time to listen and never exposes man to deal with its own emotional problems. In Matrix we live where money with piramids on it says “in God we trust”. What used to be human shared state of being human now belongs to technology. I’ll look for practical interpersonal ways of achieving state of being close with others though. I think I have some success already. Primary release and first impact of positive way I influenced self with this blog is over. All what counts to me now has been already revealed, all what I did not reveal goes private, I’m free of being guilty of being alive and all I just wrote is not important and let go.

Who wants more can leave now, who is happy with what I give from my free will and when I want to give it, is welcome to stay. I’ll keep blog active for now, but question what more is it gonna be about while the heart is lighter, remains unknown. Answer lies in quality not quantity and i’m learning it. Right now I’ve invented to inspire self with every second of my life. Just like I always did. I agree it doesn’t make sense, however it is well known that many find out own unique way to the same source. Those ways helped others to chose their own ways and those ways again can help find others to find their own unique way so having it blogged has exactly the same sense like not having it blogged. There is a way to the source that puts it such way too. Quite ancient. It’s called Zen.


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