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ZOO day

Considering that from the great depression of unemployment I’ve moved during last twenty days into quite fast activities and only one weekend I had since than I spent on recovering from that speed, today I had the first opportunity to actually have some free program. As far as the next week builds self on phones with appointments, I can be sure that there will be some interesting work to do. Some office job in English, some screening so far. Maybe without permanent contract nor retirement guarantee but without training, with freedom of development. The saying that while driving through the night it is enough to have lights turned on only few meters ahead works for me. Even if I don’t see my retirement today, nor money to have a house either, today I’m much more interested in doing jobs that make me happy and teach new attitudes for life. Without unnecessary worries. And I don’t care how do others care. They are not me. Vacation day I went to the Zoo.

I haven’t been in there for almost a year, since my yearly card expired and I hadn’t extra cash for the new one. So today I happily purchased another yearly ticket and rushed to see my friends. A year is plenty of time. Lions grew up and since there was not much moving around a couple and male couple lives on neighboring runs. First days of spring bring them long awaited sun and the chill they spent their day on is quite amazing. I gave myself a quater on a bank in front of them. My friend jaguar, one I was taught by his carer how to talk with, moved but his wife has two cubs and new run, first in Warsaw with the glass fence used. It’s right next to new building with bugs, but that one I’ll see next time for they were cleaning today. New rhino does two male rhinos, some elephants left for other Zoos, monkeys have next generation except of chimpanzees that didn’t change bit. Nor the baboon village, just new kids arrived. One parrot I spent many hours talking with recognized me but such an icy and offended look that I got told me, that it will take few more visits before he will sit on my hand again. Even owls changed due to spring. Snow owls are not well exposed there but I used to visit them regularly. Today none of them even glimpsed, all with closed eyes were sitting in the same position and worshipping sun. Flamingos are not out yet, their run is under renovation. It was the first time also when I could catch the conscious eye contact with goats – quite an experience. And Eagles… As always proud and channeling the finest of view with their sights. Since Zoo is open for me all year long again, it will probably appear here more than once. I left the garden but the Zoo went on. Friday afternoon on a bus full of tired homo sapiens who forgot about being the same species while coming back from work.The worst were slugs of catholic suffering filling their ways of looking at other one with martyrology and pain. So many of them and each one to be removed separately. I have to find out some way of expressing self that will knock all out with chill understanding at once, without necessity to look ugly at the same time. Portrait of mental poverty, alcohol addicted, mixing faith with totalitarian missionary way of life Pole, as the economically dominated but culturally dominating species on this area, slowly emerges in my notebook and I hope to present it here soon. Once I see it all, I know how and where to heal the nature of some folks within me without hurting them, nor self whith contradicting nature and culture. It’s my new balance quest.


Overcoming Madness and Heartbreak

When I go to work I have to become assertive in the way I don’t like. I understand the competitiveness of economy, reason why doing business happens in secret and with maneuvering, I just don’t like being tough only for it. But while I’m a member of a group that supports each other in intention of moneymaking, it is hard to remain self. I remain so and get aside, not paid honestly. It is strange, that most of that competitiveness happen within the group, that deals with the rest as a firm. They expect me to represent them well, for I know how to be nice and speak politely and peacefully. As long as they remain such to me I can do it. Once I see what’s wrong within business and my comments are left without answers, I can’t do it anymore. Than I realize how nuts was I to believe them, how nuts I am to believe people all the time. When I stop being naïve and go nuts then the male chauvinist is born. Male who orders though single words shouted into others eyes. I notice such state of mine when I receive first reactions that people are scared of me or I hear myself shouting. Then I drop everything and go calm down just to discover what went wrong and what do I have to change in my deeds to remain fair to all. Sometimes its just a gesture, sometimes its different job. When I’m peaceful, same word or just look into other’s eyes brings healing. When I meet boys they use to say words like “slaughterhouse” or “massacre” looking before their noses. Is that the faith they represent? Do they chose poverty of mind and feeling? I don’t. I remind myself not to be such way, I act the same way while I say “love” or “light”. Madness is a tendency of all jobs that are done without passion, for the passion then comes only to moneymaking and than humanity gets lost. Money is human but not natural thing I wrote plenty about it already because I don’t like being a thing through treating any other human like a thing. I don’t mind money, but it is not my goal. Madness is lack of love. That’s what I realize when I give up madness and search for what was lost while I believed in passion of moneymakers. My dream job without necessity to treat anyone as a thing, nor to feel such way, will be found.

Heartbreak is survivable. It has been more than a year when I looked into a pair of eyes and built self thanks to what I saw in them. There wasn’t much of conversation between us during that time. All meetings were accidental and arranged Upstairs that helps romantic souls through establishment of commuting. All the expectations I had were consciously done, without any guarantee and with the knowledge that other person has nothing to do with own image in my head. Especially when the image got x-rated few times… All conversations were casual and since I had not enough data to make a move, all ended just as if we would never meet again. What a wonderful year it was. So many good things happened to me once I began being faithful to that energy, to that image. Today I’ve just met the person, heard enough about the life to step back and never go there again. I learned that my presence, fight for that person, would destroy somebody’s luck and love. I learned not to be the one who is “there”… I’ve just learned how strong I can be while giving all up, in half of the second, while looking in each other’s eyes. Power of letting go. I know that I immediately recovered to have that friendly conversation just the way it was before. Thanks to lack of those expectations feeling change was unnoticeable for the other side. I didn’t change my feelings, just the gate got closed. I just treated that person like anybody else, what doesn’t mean a bad treatment. Now when I can put up my emotions together it doesn’t hurt. It is so blue though. I don’t know why I caress that moment either. Maybe now it’s a time for it… Controlling the lack of expectations helped me a lot. While talking, having more than just an image, let me remain interested and friendly when all collapsed inside. I said the final “bye” just the same way like always before, I remained true and that’s what makes this love alive and real even now. I’m starting to learn that love is much more than being together. Upstairs knows quite well what to do and when to do it. I remain grateful for that year with such way of that love and I may be not ready now for its new way but I’ll make it. I have no doubts that that light in those eyes will persist. Be happy.

Sitcom and Ecological Europe

I worked in national TV today. I was a piece of crowd in the new sitcom and I must say that TV did changed a lot since the last time I was there. Some pathologies still exist there but they’re already extinguishable just like the flames of impatience or uncontrolled desire. Knowing what folks can revive once realizing that they weren’t professional helps a lot in staying calm and peaceful there. Usually making the seen takes longer and there is plenty of people running around and doing plenty of useless things. That time all was peaceful and we’ve finished shooting just about dinner not in the evening. Only those were nuts who were supposed to be during the seens. Rest concentrated together, did their job and went for a well deserved brake. I must admit that Cezary Pazura is very professional in what he does and it was a real pleasure to observe his work and to work with him. Television seems to be quite powerful medium, however it does not know everything. I suppose that it would be great tool of sharing peace and ways of developing consciousness, once all discover what really does the profit in life.

My memories about the trip stop on one more thing that I lack in Poland. Wind propellers along German highways and ecological thoughts designed like tabloids in Belgium, next to some programs I’ve heard in Britain had me realized that my ecological obsession is completely normal in those countries. They already do a lot and analyze the problem getting population used to the change and in order to  improve old thinking about nature. Exploring slowly turns into balanced cooperation. When I worked in the paper none wanted to hear about it, all articles touching that subject were considered unprofitable and I often felt like the second category citizen for touching that subject. Constant quarrels that divide Poles on sides, where catholic majority does not acknowledge any other religion, considering the rest to be atheist changes recently, but it is not advanced enough to allow the arguments to slip from ideological abstraction without action into conversation that brings concrete deeds. Rospuda case was first that thanks to European Union opened some eyes here, at least of those, who realize that huge injection of finances to help the country’s infrastructure is not for free and there is obedience to certain rules coming after it. Let’s hope that next time European Parliament will see  even better today’s Earth condition than its budget. We live here together for a long time already, enough to be able to establish the common effort to survive.


My first e-mail nick ever, almost fifteen years ago was “robinhood” so it would be hard to say that a coincidence is not balanced, once I’ve found myself in Mansfield – little city in Nottingham shire not far from Sherwood forest as the first city in England ever. The only reason we’ve visited the place was the necessity to use internet, so most of my time there I’ve spent in the Red Planet café examining construction and machinery trade web pages and listening to local teenagers changing their life dreams into strategies in computer games. I’m not sure if it works such way, but that’s what one of them told the other. In my opinion they were spending Saturday evening much more peaceful way than their peers in taverns who wearing big hats were producing as much noise as possible while celebrating St. Patricks day. I walked through city early afternoon, when everyone was shopping and I could meet all who lived there and than once more in the evening, when only the party crowd was around. I’ve been after few days on the road already, not stinky but not fresh either what probably had inspired some of tavern leaving teenagers to shout “Romanian” while staring into my eyes. Older ones used word “chief” instead, probably presenting their knowledge and capability to express local version of collective consciousness. They’ve seem so drunk in confidence that asking them about details could lead to unnecessary power demonstrations so I left them with a smile and went my way. I don’t know much about present fashion trends but seeing young girls with bare arms in five degrees rain and wind made me feel cold. Most of the parties advertised on the tavern doors bore the names that included word “madness” in it, so it would be hard to be surprised by the nature of evening mood. The group of kids wearing all kinds of sport clothes, mostly two sizes too big, stopped and asked me to make picture of them. They’ve brightened up the mood of Mansfield’s evening streets. They disappeared just like appeared, without asking to have their photo sent to them and what amazed me later is the fact, that this is the only photo that had never been recorded. Certainly I could inconsequently press the button but I prefer the supernatural version. Especially that it does not make any difference in the present. City itself during the day was much more interesting. There were more people and architecture visible. Old town is beautiful indeed. Aqueduct, used as the railway, looks very picturesque and so do old brick houses around it. Some of them are not renewed and their yards emanate really interesting climate. Nothing to describe, more to keep as seen for a background of some stories. Once I’ll have pictures sent to me I’ll post some of my views of those places in that blog. On the other side of town I‘ve found beautiful mansions, sometimes with huge gardens, all surrounded with stone made fences. The modest monument of Miner pointed out that there is more tradition of respect for a working class in Her Majesty’s country than in some, not mentioned by name, corporate places called democracies. There was a Karate place but no Aikido dojo. That was all I saw.

I need to mention one small adventure that happened there too. Due to constant problems with clean toilets, one who spent a week in a truck knows what I mean, first place I visited was restroom in McDonalds. I must have had missed the signs when I entered and while closed in cabin I wondered why so many women come after their boys to the mans room. I overheard one of the strangest conversations then. Kid who’s sex remain unknown for me cried, that he/she doesn’t want to die. Mother was scolding him/her with cold voice but without touching the subject, just for untidy jacket. The idea of dying to be reborn sounds very New Age, American to me, nothing that should took place where folks and their beliefs are native since centuries. But what can I know after all if I’m not bright enough to find the mans restroom… When I left the cabin I met about six ladies waiting in the line and I realized that I was the one who made the mistake. Their laugh when they saw my surprised face helped me out, I knew that none will call police for suspect pedophile, terrorist, thief nor “what do I know” suspect. That lack of hysterical reactions made the difference. I was in Britain and not with such tensed, poor people like I met leaving US few years ago. Thanks Universe, in Mansfield only teenagers on Saturday evenings are mad.

Translating Fun

It is well known, thanks to Sapir and Whorf theory, that the language defines also certain perspectives on the world. It is visible in such word like “transcendental” which bares the meaning of “crossing borders” since there is nothing further than direction certain perspective on the world described by language can comprehend. I’ve read the impressions of translators, who cannot find adequate words in Polish or English while they translate Sanskrit written philosophy – simply those languages hadn’t developed enough depth to express certain states of consciousness. While translating Poles dealing with British I had no such problems. Much more challenging was the way of translating perspectives – catholic into protestant and other way around, so all will be understood for both sides. One who did translated simultaneously knows, that there is no time for anything just copying the given text and expressing it in second language. Like the electric current between the brain halves. If the conversation would slip from the subject, translator would be probably last to realize that working out the sentences one after another but not their meaning. The way of expressing self in Polish is nothing like British one. As far as I experience the relationships in both cultures, in one it is based on independence of two minds communicating physically with each other, in other one much more on union of thoughts with not too freely developed physical contact. That translates self on interpersonal actions in quite obvious way in both societies, based on married people. In Poland “vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas” grows to the virtue and quite masochistic suffering increases its expression due to social success. Opposite than in England where more successful ones are happier and brighter in a way they express selves. I’m talking about people who already do business way that is successful enough to establish small companies that employ more than thirty people. Strong matrimony union that includes love to business making in such marriages in both cultures is parallel, however seems quite different. Meanwhile catholic couples divide selves on him sharing heaven and her sharing hell, protestants tend to leave each other’s minds free, meanwhile remaining faithful as the only condition that allows them to exists without falling from grace. It is visible in e.g. helping. In one culture none will help you unless you ask for it – otherwise it will be considered the intrusion into privacy, in other situation can be quite difficult while surrounded by many who full of good helping intentions tend to destroy one’s life with own perspectives on the way it should be. No wonder that there is plenty of misunderstandings and difficulties in such things like establishing the European Constitution the way all would be pleased with. One model fits more to given pattern of faith meanwhile the other one is based on personal will. Certainly the factor if the person is optimist or pessimist also plays a role in a whole but since all within individual remains up to one, only universally brought facts may serve as inspiration. It all maybe the other way around too, but with such presumptions I‘ve found translating successful so it certainly may work such way. When Poles do business it looks like the wake. Life is hard and desperate, all goes wrong and suffering get higher as the price does. British are so cool and playful that their consideration and sober mind is almost invisible as far as conversation flows. I didn’t know that I knew it. I found myself talking such way in English, receive answer and turn to Polish with deeply sorrowful voice. Getting answer and translating is turned me into early bird again. There was a Polish driver with us and one British construction worker on a site where my first linger simultaneous translating took place. They’ve looked at me, than at each other and laughed. Than they’ve looked at me again. They understood each other without any need of professional help. When they’ve looked at me again I’ve noticed the same diagnosis in both pairs of eyes. Double identity more popularely know as schizophrenia. I wonder how would all work out with Dutch and Hungarians around…

Rural England

Visit to England was quite peculiar. With the fair knowledge of mentality and culture, with use of its native language since decades it was my first visit in its source. I haven’t been in any major city, traveling through all country I haven’t seen much more than a highways and towns truck drove through. I had no opportunity to talk to anyone except doing business with people selling trailers, jaw crushers, simple workers and petrol station stuff. What are the English about came mostly from observation and listening to local radio stations. My impressions are foremost positive about this country. Rural England is quite a landscape itself. I’m probably not the first one to bring the parallel with Tolkien’s Hobbiton, but those were the first descriptions that came to me once we left the highway and dived into the countryside. Stony paths defined by hedges, fences, bushes or the most beautiful ones by trees suspending the curtains of veins. Island has always a bit different flora and fauna than a continent impression as such comes more from extrasensory perception than botanic studies but flora of that island charmed me first. Wildly growing daffodils and local roads also enclosed from fields, evergreen grass and majestic trees of kind I know no name of were generating energy based on harmony between man and nature.

ampthill1.jpgPlace that never had nazis on it and stays free of such wounds among older generation. On Sunday I had opportunity for one walk somewhere near the point where Derby, Stafford and Leicester meet. The nearest town on signs said Burton on Trent. Public footpath bore the name of Ivanhoe. It led through the fields and grazing lands full of horse and sheep to the sculpture made from English oak. It was just the stump with cleft in it positioned such way that the sun shines through it same amount of time each day of the year. Text next to it stated that it symbolizes future, present and past altogether as the natural cycle. Nothing more agreeable about what art is about however I the now of my walk I found alive trees much more interesting. I climbed the hill and fed my senses with the view. In the truck I had no much time to pay attention to the whether but during the walk on that obviously shaman path I’ve noticed all seasons in one day. Not more than two hundred kilometers wide strip of land between two seas offers quite a different meteorological conditions than ones defining life on continent. I decided to return to the truck about the hailstorm and when I got there I saw people in T-shirts getting out of cars to tank, as if it would be sunny day. British seem to be a proud nation led by island mind. All those fences, dictum “my home is my castle” as well as conversations of consciousness happening in staring in each others eyes before the first word was cast taught me beautiful lesson. They are protecting their privacy by respecting others one. Conversations are base on inviting each other further and further within own domain and never going far than allowed. How far you let is how far you can go. Crossing lines brings sentence. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable there than anywhere else Europe considering the tension on the streets. Mansfield – only town I’ve actually been in was different, but it will have separate post later, hopefully with pictures already delivered. Architecture of those villages also talks about developing own identity. Everybody builds their house in one of few similar styles but with different details, whether it is the plan of yard or additional turrets. All keep them tidy and with well organized gardens. I saw an old woman at dawn who was actually polishing external sill of her house. During my walk from the empty parking lot one evening I met a girl who told me that gardening is not national but one of the major occupancies in rural England, and hedges alongside the public roads are the concern of local councils. Simply Hobbiton. Only marks of “Sauron” entering the island with the fire of religions becoming fundamental was found hidden in hedges – piles of trash and used furniture thrown out alongside the road. During my walk through the evening streets with few mansions or cottages on it I saw people living through open curtains. I like to keep top bedroom curtains closed to public myself and I don’t have anything to hide in living room either, so I felt like staring at the way they are. Older people eat together and talk, middle age like the younger ones mostly watch TV on the couch just like in US. Houses are tidy and cozy, all similarly arranged in style, only not fitting part was Brooklyn named barn from raw plank on one of the yards. Looking into the living room I know from Holland, flowers everywhere is what Belgians also do, so is the eye to eye conversation in New England but the rural roads are one of the most beautiful and unique I’ve ever seen. Beginning of spring activated birds too, so despite whether I must have had seen them in a very good time. All kinds of ground surrounded by symphony of plants emanate at any time the beauty of confidence and peace.


Mile Eaters

I’ve been honored to share the lives of the mile-eaters tribe. Those are truck drivers who swallow hundreds of miles while transiting goods between destination points. Places they visit are highways, warehouses, construction sites and all kinds of parking lots. There is no time not resources to see anything else and after some time of such job there is no will nor strength to do so either. Even though many of them have a families, most of the time they live apart and decision about seeing each other is often up to the logistic company or truck owners. Sometimes it takes months and never less than two weeks, before such weekend comes. Like most of eternal travelers they live on the way. Cabs of their lorries are their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and foremost meditation chambers where they spend months and years on a lonely driving. Surrounded night and day by the buzz of CB radio, skipping music of ever changing radio stations, commands of GPS guide and sound of working gears they look forward that is never further than their next destination point. They’ve been everywhere in Europe but all who they meet are the warehouse workers and petrol station stuff. It is possible not to talk to anyone through weeks despite the requirements of work, meanwhile among millions of people. Nobody cares if they manage to get reloaded during the working hours or if their next camp point is next to the factory gates, while they wait for the next day or next week operating hours.

Trucks are forbidden everywhere where the normal life goes so the effort to do more than live in the truck is often to high, whether because of the language barrier or because of the necessity to stay with cargo. There are no opportunities they may be informed about nor have access to, so most of the weekends they get drunk on parking next to speedway and recover from hangover watching movies, reading, cooking warm food and getting extra sleep on Sunday. For some of them it is the only imaginable joy after a week of driving. Lack of running water makes laundry, regular tooth brushing impossible same way like going to toilet when they want only when they can. After some time of such lifestyle their bodies change and so does the social acceptance of their presence. That’s why they are soon condemned to infrastructure that exists only for them. Despite mentioned gas stations it is not much, mostly night clubs where they can overreact their loneliness. Despite Britain where all what physiology of the working man needs is respected and given for free, they have to pay the luxury traveler prices for showers and hotels, nothing they can allow themselves to afford regularly. Much more often they sleep on deserted parking places among trees and with one toitoi (hermetic container portable toilet) on them.

Logistic companies and police do their best to control them and so they are to avoid them, since cooperation seems often unimaginable. Old problem of communication between social groups with different interests is similar here. Man who are not very skillful in paperwork only receive what lawmakers invented through restrictions and consequences. Also nothing one wouldn’t know. It does leads to certain absurd situations, one of them is the way police controls the device that saves the data about their working and resting hours. Every truck has a machine where driver puts the paper disc on which it writes the hours and speed of driving, resting and driver changes etc. There are regulations not allowing them to drive too much to prevent accidents. Way those regulations are understood and consequences driven by police mean, that moving the lorry during parking time from one place to another or not finding the space on highway parking on time, simply all the travel caused natural uncertainties may cause such a data recording, that effects in paying fines later, once those discs are controlled by not too compassionate police officer. Expectations of salary giving superiors are quite opposite and also do not help in achieving balance while the inspection car is seen on the road. On all channels of the radio they warn each other once they see such vehicle, share information about accidents and traffic jams, help each other in finding destinations, directions, jobs, good resting spaces or simply share some jokes or support once diver gets too lonely or too sad to remain positive with himself. There are no many bright islands on their ways. Only those who understand the faith of the Flying Dutchman like them, allowing also to be called their friend.

Crew of the ferry is one of such highlights they have. They are to leave the truck for security reasons, they get few course diner cabin with bathroom to sleep and living room to sit together and rest with a good coffee next to the big screen movie. The well spent family evening mood gets conspicuous there, few hours of normal life. Childish is the simplicity with which they rest, arrange their truck, build barriers, let others behind them or entertain themselves. Only the toys differ. Mile-eaters, tough times, lifestyles are those. Like with other groups of population characterized according to their job, if one fear the driver tribe one fears phantoms in own head that fill the space of what is not known about them. That is the way they are seen, most of them adapts selves to it, but it’s not the way they really are. For all who miss the horizon and love to travel whether on Earth or through their ideas they are the brother tribe and unique chunk of happiness comes from knowing and respecting these folks.

Trackback of the truck

I’m recovering after almost ten day truck trip. Moment when I entered the flat and the release came I started to sense all physical consequences of unplanned hiking. Truck is much better than the tent since it has heating, electricity, permanent possibilities to cook and sleep on bed but the access to bathroom is pretty much the same. Other major difference lies in fact that it is not a trip but working space. Skin dries out, gums get oversensitive and hearing decreases due to constant hum of engines and highways. Where I haven’t been prepared for it other drivers helped and I sure that next occasion to do such trip would find me packing for it quite different way with special attention on access to vitamines. Especially that I was prepared for spring not the comeback of the winter. Those few days were enough to experience the life of the mile-eater tribe, mostly men, who are found to be strange by the rest of community meanwhile there is no everyday shopping that would be possible without their job.

Magical ten days in the truck. Up to Leeds and back to Warsaw. I’m too tired physically and mentally to embrace that experience today, but I have enough notes and reflections to share what I saw in England and what I’ve learned about the lives of mileeaters. Just after the sleep puts it all together the right way.


In the time when the question of energy seems to be the main concern of many nations, interesting parallel can be brought up to light. Paraphrasing the known statement “I think therefore I am” we can make the new one “What I run on that I am”. The energy that one’s survival and activities are based on is becoming one’s internal element. Therefore, if there is much oil consumed, the dark matter within the deeds and reactions must be higher than when there is less of it. Such thesis would explain why, despite regular trends of oriented on country developing governments, more and more people find within themselves the need to spare the energy and protect the environment. Nobody likes to communicate with other through poison nor to receive communicates in such form, especially from the loved ones. Yet in not balanced from consumption level households, peace is difficult to achieve and people there move through the argument, exhausting entertainment, heavy work to the hypnotic states of thoughtlessness replaced by TV stream. No wonder, that they have no time nor idea about possibilities to upgrade their state of being. Their faith has quite a sense of irony when they admire those, who achieved that state, but without the idea that such luck is also accessible for them, once they’ll be able to concentrate on own internal goal instead of hunt for external goods. Dark matter doesn’t let them to find out that those external goods are only the resources to grow within self. Probably that’s why we have a war for oil going on instead of religious conference for multicultural purposes. Kids who grow up “connected” to the internet will have wider points of view that “automatically” helps them in accepting more than their parents were able to. Having less but what’s necessary instead of what’s liked and appreciated by neighbors allows individual not only to be happier, but also to learn self on observing own deeds. Following commercials and building the life goals only on presented by economy politics creates new kind of communism in which everyone is equal according to the lack of fantasy. It is better to avoid the collapse into such pattern.

I’ve been on vacation with Polish and Hungarian teenagers few years ago. All of them won that vacation as a reward for a good grades. Summer camp was based on seaside and together with my colleagues we took care of those high school kids. It was a great summer and thanks to mixed cultures, both sides eased up and accepted more, that they would usually allow themselves to. All we took care of was not to let the stupidity to make them hurt selves or each other. One day during the bike trip we crossed the field with air plant. Huge propellers on vast oat fields in a hot summer day are the landscape itself. Since, thanks to the wind, they all move at the same speed quiet, very slow yet regular hum is produced. One Hungarian boy, flyweight with brains and huge glasses who already knew more about theoretical physics than I will ever understand, stayed far behind. Since there were no trees on acres he was visible and I was without a reason to worry, but when he finally joined rest of the group I asked him, what was he doing out there. He answered that he was listening to the silence.

Eurolanders and Usalanders

Mentality of Europeans has been developing pretty much tribal way with the difference lying in fact that tribe itself has been replaced by nation. It allowed the progress in which the thought hadn’t to consider nature. Balance was kept anyway thanks to the borders. No nation was powerful enough not to deal with other one. Settlers on new continent usually left because of ideological and economical factors. Necessity to survive on new land reduced national experience to the most effective ways of living and organizational experiences, liberating ideological consensus between them on economical level. Roots stopped to be important and ability of effective communication free of waking ideological conflicts became the measure of individual’s worth. But those experiences allowed the new nation, the same way like Europeans, to define self only in opposition to other nation. Rapid development unknow to the rythm of old continent was helped by experiences of other world’s old cultures that also migrated to a new place. “White Indians” and their belief structure became the organizational clamp of new state, on the way losing not only own roots but also adequate to their ancestors respect to the Earth. Main reason of it may lie in the need of liberating conscience from colonization crime, extermination of native Indians. It was connected with need to authorize the right to the inhabited areas before own kids.
laliberte1.jpgTherefore present in European culture magic of nature has been pushed into subconscious, as too similar to the local indigenous beliefs that were supposed not to be remembered in order to feel at home. In parallel survival instinct that has developed within the interpersonal communication on much higher scale than in Europe and after some time allowed to establish cooperation with old continent. Using the same language may seem helpful but since it represents completely different value system it isn’t. We can observe confrontation of two kinds of dream coming from the same root. E.g. an American in order to cooperate allows European to express his ideological views, same ones, that were setting fire to the stakes before, meanwhile his silence is misinterpreted by European who thinks that his partner agrees with him. Noticing that they are joined only by common, immediate goal of income bringing action has not been discovered in all Europe even today but here the differences between catholic and protestant versions of Christianity may also be a factor. On the other hand the domination of not too tolerant in addition to global needs European thought in state structures causes system blockades in multicultural American society. But on the new continent tribe is not a nation anymore, it is just the family. The conflict opposition of scientific – religious thinking has moved into the family and weakened free of such growth limits like the rooted fight between god and satan and the one’s body belonging issue. Therefore some of old limits have been overcame and since America helped during Second World War the dominating relation between those two sides have shifted. Today European cannot accept its own, out of Europe reformed dream, remembering about the wisdom of own roots in which the rhythm of changes had positive influence on environment ad family. One shouldn’t also be emotional about fact that due to his widely accepted model of behavior and way of sourcing life satisfaction in the personal pride, his behavior can be interpreted as racist outside of Europe, where free of such intentions, creates such view of self. Introvert “island mind” in opposition to extravert”caring about other” mind has been completely complementary here for a long time and only factors avaible with freedom exercised by other cultures in US allowed them for open selfanalyzing that brakes taboo in Europe.

rel_pie.gifLack of limits in analytic thinking, connected with lack of borders in USA, evolves rushing old European scheme and causing exactly similar conflicts worldwide, like old continent traditionally had seen. Shake of the balance became apparent together with the technological growth. As long as the technology wasn’t capable to embrace the planet that zero-one system of evolving (based on developing idea and its adjustment to existing circumstances until they’ve became too tight inducing new ideas to be born) have not been visible to analytic mind. Since such system started to move in two rhythms, its dissonance and dreamy nature became better visible, thanks to what we can more precisely work on elements allowing to fix its structure, so it does not endangers human species anymore. It may also be the main factor that allowed the EU to raise. Assimilation however will not happen without acknowlegdment of the rest of continents. Huge impact can be brought by bicultural people having a pair of western and eastern grandparents, since their tolerance to differences between the dogmas of both dreams is natural and free of emotional responses. Both latin based judeo-christian systems are not free from the tendencies allowing individual to escape into fiction and comfort of safe present, hiding the problems behind hypocrisy. It takes a lot of bravery to face it personally once the selfrealizing begins. That seems to be universal in human nature. Probably that’s why bravery dissappeared from social issues but bravery is what we need to face the globe’s ecological present. Descendants of the settlers may find it easier to purify their past since capable of using the experience of young Germans who already healed themselves from the shadows of Holocaust. Europe un doubtfully can profit from studying the American multicultural society evolution in order to reform its traditional nationalisms.


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