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I’ve been writing a letter to my friend recently, in which the existence of stress was considered. It is great example of the way the worrying mind takes over the body it lives in. Whatever thought structure causes that it starts to work faster, worries, whines, complains or regrets causes the same effects. Stress moves into the stomach and shrinks it, taking over all, except the tops of the lungs necessary for unhealthy, high in carbon dioxide breathing. I don’t regret to remember about it and breathe deeply, removing that trespasser. It is amazing, that after concentrating on that technique for a while, bright thought that restores peace of mind and balance always comes to my head.
I was in the Zoo today. It was quite crowded so I had no opportunity to concentrate on many animals but bird pavilion was almost empty. Blooming spring wakes up great moods among its inhabitants. I whistled about an hour there, discovering new birds and listening to their music. I was surprised by the fact, that so many of them established closer or further contact. Golden oriole certainly was there too. Since his repertoire is the one I know best, after general high tone discussion with many birds, I concentrated on him. Patience and peace brought a long awaited success. Bird landed on a ground first. Made the caterpillar check on my shoelaces, later landed on my head and after some sliding allowed me to have him on my palm. We had a great time whistling and watching each other, until suddenly oriole pressed against my palm and started to beat the wings fiercely. He left right after that, leaving few drops of white, fast drying liquid on my finger. Since all happened au naturel, there is no harm nor vulgarity in my style, while I write, that today I got fucked by a little yellow bird. I’m definitely not an authority in being passive in lovemaking but since it happened so, all I can say is that I honestly appreciate a foreplay and… afterplay. He came back when my stunning became a laugh and we spent some more time whistling. Oriole didn’t want to leave, I needed to push if off my finger onto the branch, before leaving. I feel like visiting bird pavilion again to see my friends and fulfill whistling urges together. I’m not into birds, no matter which sex they represent, but I find their way of behaving after copulation to be a lesson real gentleman can’t live without. I took my lesson.


UN Usual Sunday Raving

unflag.gifI’ve read a very good story about one, also by ancestors native American, visiting New York. Together with his host, they were on Times Square, when visitor suddenly heard the mockingbird. Surprised by his discovery in such an environment, shared his finding with friend once bird was spotted. His host, who lived in New York all his life was surprised, that he actually could hear the bird despite all that traffic and started to complement extraordinary sharpness of his guest’s hearing. Indian took some change then and dropped it to the ground, where it fell with silent jingle. Almost everyone from the distant bus stop immediately turned their attention on the pavement. Indian explained, that it is not the question of individual’s hearing ability, it is the intention the mind is set on.

Funny story explains for me quite clearly all the sufferings and problems of modern civilization. I may simplify here a bit but point remains untouched. Being raised without the intention of hearing life, set on the sounds of dead alloys people, simply cannot raise the normal civilization that is based on affirmation of life. I’m conscious that drawing such a conclusion from such an example can’t make sense to many, who’s mind will protect their way of life with the sense of complete heavy metal extermination of views, that put it equal with all other components of human being. Their sexual and health problems remain unsolved despite the amounts of pills they eat believing in fixing their bodies machinelike way, but as long as they are able to speak mind only it is better to live such, only one known way of life, than to tell self the truth. I was never good with keeping secrets, so once free of mind governance, I rather live the truth. We are not living in middle ages after all and stakes are not fashionable anymore. There is even Thai massage and acupuncture center down the street, behind the church.

The technique mind of many keeps power over one with manipulation of guilt or responsibility is one of the most amazing techniques of system that keeps individual away from the consciousness of own present. Mind detached from own biology must be the same torturer to own body like civilization is to the environment. If that word is seen from the perspective of a stage, than I’m glad of not playing without my guts anymore. Being guilty of being a man is pretty much same absurd like being guilty of breathing. On biological level men are just animals, wilder and baiter while not admitting own nature. Without admitting it, controlling self doesn’t seem easy and structures mind system is based on will do everything to maintain its dominating position. They can even name such position of acting the way of life. I wish them good luck, while leaving interpersonal arguments and keeping truck of own way, transformations, inspirations and mind sobriety in that blog. Being native white European man at home, I don’t do anything, what wouldn’t be a habit around my ancestors for at least twenty centuries. It is only one thing I have in common with deluded ones, only thing that makes me one of them.

I’d like the truth on the ground level to be animalistic and dirty. I’d like the reason I build up all that ideology on to be only because of fact, that one way of life, one position is quite boring for me and I’d rather meet someone open to all tantric lovemaking and Kama Sutra positions. I’d like to believe that I’m building up all new illusion of word saving ideology only because I want to have the free shag available and always accessible. But it wouldn’t make balanced sense between body and mind, it would just express extreme detachments. Man is an unique animal after all. I’m enough in touch with own organism to know, that true lovemaking does not stretch those two components of me (or I) into detached extremes. Love pulls those two, always balanced values, into a peaceful, happy medium.

Silence of burnt Chinchilla

Poland dives into long weekend. May 1st and 3rd are national holidays, what means that this year, taking three days off next week makes nine days of holiday. There is no family celebration at that time, so no habitual things to do either. Spring blooms, everybody gets out, Warsaw remains empty, even city communication will use the holiday schedule all next week. I don’t have enough to drive out, but there are enough woods around to get wild if only I find the partner for such trips. Search already started, if unsuccessful, I will not alternate my rhythm too much.

I’ve been thinking about my recent posts and the way they are written. Way they can be evaluated, makes them almost politics or Cassandra like revelations for many. Definitely peace and joy in a way of evaluating within own life. It is not my intention to be controversial. I simply don’t escape the ecological truth about our civilization and look for the ways out. I’m not entirely sure that I’m right, but since there is none with whom I’d be able to discuss it live without getting into world politics, I can support those views only by evaluating and inspiring self by outside word as a whole. After all those thought are nothing more, just a structures build up while exercising the mind, structures that go back into nothing, while exercising the body. Thankfully spirit stays around in both of those activities.

Every mind structure can be evaluated by other mind. It is normal and nothing to be scared of. Certainly all free attempts of real evaluation egoistic mind must call embarrassment in the name of self defense mechanism. Raising above emotional reaction of it is one of the conditions, to hear that voice within self. If every mind is the universe, each finds the truth through overcoming own structures built up while growing. Nobody can tell you the truth, only you can do it for yourself. Ishmael the gorilla, similarly to Castaneda’s Don Juan or Zen masters are the teachers, who are not basing teaching on giving the student the information to be learned. They don’t share ready interpretation of what is real. Observing student and asking questions is their method, that allows the wisdom that is in every man to emerge to the surface. Such concept is very old. It is the Buddha, Zen emptiness, Christ or totemic and ancestor spirits living inside each one of us. Game is about calming mind to the level in which that voice, that changes name every thousand miles, is allowed by individual to be heard within self.
Many people don’t like Zoo. Seeing animals walking circles in cages makes them sick. I said to myself long time ago, that someone must be there for them, so they won’t feel like being there for men. I’ve learned that those animals know no other environment and know how to walk freely in cages, how to chill and be happy. They do it however only, when there are no crowds around so they don’t need to reflect the misery of visitors. Fence is something that just exists for them since ever and doesn’t hurt their integrity. They are the wildness that accepted human factor, each animal own way. I’ve learned a lot from them and we shared a lot of natural impulses. My truth says, that stronger mental fences an individual has, finds it more unable to see the animals in the Zoo. But it is the choice of their will to live there. Not to vegetate but to live. Animals can chose to die in hostile environment, just like one chinchilla I knew did. She moved to live among people who liked her, but wore furs at the same time. Saw her as a toy not as a life form. One day, allowed outside her cage, she jumped straight to the furnace. Animals don’t have easy life, meanwhile their emotions and feelings exist deep, just like ours. I can see that in their eyes. Often I feel sorry for my species, while talking with them. I think then, that this is heavy, but it is not me who does those things. Than I find acceptance in their eyes. But I have quite a tough teachers there too. The day I’ll overcome lack of trust in my eyes in a way that will reflect with acceptance in sight of ponies and Przewalski horses will certainly be the bright one.

Sense of Sharp Mind

elephantheart.jpgSeems like Europe won’t get united quickly, first there are some fundamental changes to be considered. After attacking mind from all possible points of view I’m into considering it as a friend. Mind that remembers being only the component of all, can have deeper thoughts and conclusions, once able to rest, withdrawn into calmness. Transformed from controlling judge into the silent observer, who stays in touch with the unspeakable source. Here are some experiences of first steps in achieving such state. Our culture accepts hatred towards freeloaders. With the change of tax level, way freeloaders exist changes and some of them are allowed to hate hard workers too. It is the anomaly I don’t want to go into same way I’m not into analyzing the original sin. I chose not to believe in both of those theories, allowing mind not to get stuck in such absurd. Living however in the society, which collective consciousness is built on such ideas, requires certain defense mechanisms not to be hated nor exposed to such pressure. It has nothing to do with being lazy, it is much more about the priorities of activities. Instead of regular income, insurance, retirement and mortgage as the activities shared commonly by many and considered normal, I’ve chosen existence in a present, sharing love with all including myself, peace of mind and creative work. Does it mean that people who have chosen someone else to point out their life aims have a right to look down on me? Not at all. Mentality I’ve chosen is shared by many indigenous societies and many within our society. How to survive then as such an island in future lost, past suffering, present disconnected society?


Detachment of Halley’s comet

It is simple and requires development of virtues. As long as the goals are not like ones of the society that tries to suppress one nor aim against other people, balance will be maintained and skill of slinking, being invisible, free and always put successful. Most of the people have a shield made by their profession. It does not legitimize their existence on Earth since such needs no other proof than life, but it legitimizes their existence between each other. One of doubtless achievements of civilized man is the developed sense of requirement and rules of belonging. It’s nice that trees don’t behave that way, while one goes to the woods. Social shield that authorizes existence, puts individual in uncomfortable position. Individual, forced by society to contribute to all, usually has no energy nor will to care after self once leaving work. Putting all energy into contribution leads to exhaustion, later the consumption of the most available goods of mass culture hibernates harmful mind structures for rest of the time. Not many is really happy then, despite given declarations. Today, all what those contributions lead to, is visibly not good: wars, environmental pollution, heightened tension between man, new diseases. Having no other solution than hard work, that speeds up that circle more and more, turns many against own culture in expressing different ways of death desire. But pills won’t help, if the mind fails into the same trap over and over again.

fennec_chilling.jpgTherefore proper evaluation of what is the activity of man should be considered. New definition of hard work that equalizes different efforts. Death as taboo serves in hiding the simple fact, that all what we do is meaningless. Future put as the meaning may engage many in climbing on social ladder, but will not help in achieving peaceful present. Once the discovery of what is meaningless turns into perspective of universe as the beauty of ever changing forms, activities executed in the present have new meaning then. There is no need to keep death as a secret nor control with fear. Freedom from past sorrows and future uncertainties. In a collective consciousness created such way, for example “counting clouds”, once conducted wholeheartedly and with intention of internal developement, gives the same energy and personal satisfaction like building the bridge. The question “who is going to build the bridge if everyone will be counting clouds” may be answered that as long as we are too busy building and resting in empty way, that has the same entertainments since centuries, maybe none had the opportunity to invent what bridges can be replaced with. Mind operated, fear feed consciousness must escape from such question and solution into the safe illusion of own profession shield but it will not change the need of escaping again, every time when the unknown natural comes back. As long as that unknown natural will not be the own, everywhere carried protein bag called body, such escape will be possible. Facing mirror it is hard to answer that such escape has sense or meaning. We never tried “counting clouds” before, so there is no scientific proof that I’m wrong.


Filip Moroz (below) as Dannish director tries to square the circle

Escaping into safe illusion created by social structures that are mainly based on power that runs science as its base of development, cannot avoid lacking that proof, without unveiling lack of own professional shield, that is evaluation based on scientific data. Good old catch 22. Today, it is no more dangerous to raise that system bothering questions than to live in society, that faces global warming without working out chances for next generation to survive. In collective consciousness, replacing the material “more” with “balanced enough” can be solution. Outer developement, non balanced by internal growth, must end for there are no more atoms in universe than after a big bang. All who have achieved “enough” automatically have a real shield of Earthmen, stronger than shield of profession, that the aliens in own environment have. Earthmen shield allows to detach, without necessity to fight nor hurt others. There is no need to belong, only the knowledge about conditions of belonging reduced to material self, as the biological element of natural cycles.


My yesterday’s post left me with sense of unfulfilled frequency. It means that I have nothing against the word structure or message in it, just is not light and easy to read. Frequency would be the way of describing mood, higher frequency means better mood. Something you don’t know you are in while you are in, only later, after changing it. Acknowledging that frequency allows to make it better once analyzed. I realized that the hum of shooting cereal is very much similar to the one I had after spending a week in a truck. It was just shorter period of time, so I could see it only in final stages of recovering. Maybe those were the frequencies to raise above. Maybe getting into them until empty allows to pass through it and get into better aesthetics. Let’s go down mass culture then.

My favorite “zombie” character, was one friend of mine, boy in his thirties at that time, who sank into computer screen long before I met him. He was the first American in US with whom I actually have established some more personal contacts, stepping beyond the small talk. Good teacher in good moment of life. Reading about necessity of being present within own body today, and watching own mind not to take over the attention of biological cycle with fictional reason reminds me about that guy.

I wasn’t conscious of own state of fear at that time, gentle by nature and esthetic, having some minor continental pathologies I didn’t know what stages of fear people can be actually told to enjoy in a country with imperial tendencies. It took some time later to clear the style form the fears he shared. Thin, farting cockroach talking to himself before the computer screen. Working there and spending his free time on unreal tournament. It is a computer game, bloodshed, in which you chose the character to be and kill others while playing on line. And it was actually good to keep him and his ideas about the word that way. Medications, pot, weekend release and fear obedience, were what we had in common at that time. Plus the point of view, that puts man before woman. I guess we escaped from present that was too hostile for sensitive ones. Expressing the weakness but stinging while reflected. Considering weakness to be the weakness not the strength, non accepting the whole of own personality.

He was a good boy, decent, God and woman fearing one, never saying a bad word to anyone except computer. With other words, never unless with own mind five inches before own eyes. Funny guy with all jokes used in some TV shows before, listening to heavy metal while alone. It is not my right to judge him, but evaluating own life as the contrast is something I can do. I never saw him otherwise and this is the only mental picture of him I have. He was considered the white trash person but I prefer to seen in him as the mirror of society that raised him. As a warning, not to follow social tendencies without a doubt. He was like the government spy in private life of surrounding him citizens, controlling everything, except what he really could have – his own body. I hope he does better today, I wish him to do better unless he doesn’t wish anyone to wish him.

I’ve learned from him only one thing, but very important. That I’ll never want to be like him. So even now, while writing, I keep my spine straight and take the deep breath not to lose self in over naming and overanalyzing, that minds left loose have tendency to do. Emotional hurt that turned him inwards with treating other people like programmable computers and controlling them by fear was an excellent controlling program. It took me plenty of time to crack it. He was afraid to be hurt again. So was I. So what. We both lived in movie based reality. Probably Hollywood was the best preacher around, beating priests, daddies, girls and commercials with the projection of reality. Mine was more supported by literature, his due to access to easy consumption in childhood (difference between being able to chose the TV channel and having ten minutes for kids in communist TV and reading instead) was strictly picturesque. Meanwhile I agreed to put my movie on Earth he moved into horror. As soon as I understood his “depth” I stopped the contact.

I treated him as the internal obstacle that must be overcome. Male competitiveness works good way here. It took some time to localize that obstacle in own head, much more to see how similar was the way, but not the subject, our minds were governing over the consciousness. Thanks to that simple zero-one language of computers, I made the lifetime decision of thinking “life” while hearing “kill”, “love” while “hate” and so on. When sometimes life is difficult and energy of surrounding men, lost within thinking only about own species, gets suffocating he comes back to my memories. To remind me that it is not my choice to turn my back to world and replace all with the solitude of thoughts, safe within a virtual space. He is the positive hero now, who point the emotion, that needs to be purified, before going on. Helps in loosing the sense, that there is no way out.

Mind is well trained by survival instinct, but it is not the mind that climbs trees while chased by the wild boar. It is the adrenaline in the body that does it. It is worth to leave the computer, get out to the unpredictable word, sense all, it is priceless to be alive. Getting over all the systems of control is through accepting them and the reason they all fail facing the wonder of life that exists beyond mental structures. Maybe the is no simpler or dumber idea than zero-one inversion, but actually, it allowed me to sense the presence of other minds, was first sign on the way of discovering the present, and later on started the process of noticing own thoughts and sensations. Freedom is a greatest of man’s achievements while in bodies. I even left the peace of my old movie consciousness. It is called honestly happy end.

Men are not Jesus

Being a good man opens one to quite a challenge of being overused by woman. Not controlling their attitude is almost an invitation for her to play every possible role. Once her point of view is appreciated and they are not treated just like the sex objects, many of them immediately becomes the balance of expectations that points to the sky and never ends. I could ask where is the lady who knows the God above too and doesn’t compare man with Jesus with not appreciating the one who is near. Well, I’ve found some, but all married already or in the eyes hidden in hurt male’s bodies. Reason it happened so I find in the common way of feeling and understanding, that such mental charades are the hits under the belt and never on place. There is plenty of pushing between man and woman under the belt after all. Probably that’s why logic of mind that tries to govern over it, never could pronounce laws perfect enough, to start the new era of relation between man and woman.

crowd-at-desolation-canyon.jpgIn our culture the tendency to compare with Jesus, the unreachable ideal, which man has to fulfill is quite common. Plenty of frustrated teenagers become university jerks, later kept on their wife’s leashes and used to make money. It is actually called the decent norm in our completely normal civilization, that knows no balance with own environment. Only those who truly loved, even once and for few seconds, cannot agree to such existence. When someone says “Well, you’ll never make it, you can’t even walk on water” they are not angry anymore, nor feel the need to prove that they are the real man or woman. They know who they are, without the need of giving up peace, because some form trapped christian mind told them to do so. World can be helped better way, while acting above the mind trapped structures.

No lies are neceassary to achieve it either, as none can win amusement in the eyes that are under the rule of petrified mind that tells you to be God or exact opposite of it. I feel sorry for those, who believe such eyes, have their memories taken away and replaced with function they are to fulfill in order to create better world. I detach myself from the pain they must feel while alone. Being better according to the patterns, that are actually destroying the environment in a way kids and animals get nothing today must be painful. One would like to say: God save me from your saviors, and that’s really funny. Just like those, who believe to be own minds and act as if they were omnipotent without actually knowing how to raise dead. They don’t even know how to recycle sludge.

That’s why falling under influence of such illusion forces man to detach self from her forever. Even if one would learn how to raise self, it will be after the death already, so she will be free in own eyes and those of the nation, to look for the next sucker who thinks himself to be the savior. I don’t mind next dude either, but since she is not delivering goods to the “man the animal” balanced way, I don’t see the need to keep my part of the deal and treat such woman as a lady nor her partner as a gent. I don’t believe however, that love is an illusion. It’s getting more mature with time, but it never ends. Thankfully good intentions allow to see everyone in the present and to know where they minds, souls, bodies and intentions towards thy neighbor are.

Shooting Day

fot-niedbala-krzysztof-bociany.jpgMaking the seen takes some time and effort. Especially if there are stars starring in it. Their own professionalism does not allow them not to be perfect, combining those singular efforts with the crew takes some time as well, than kids starring need special attention, so before the seen can take place there is plenty of running around and adjusting. I was a futon salesman who is just about to sell the double one to a couple that already almost came on each other on the product. But then his child comes in, followed by her and all the rosy atmosphere gets a bit more dense. And than I came in with my historic line “Have you decided already?” line that is historicly, completely ignored. She rips the kid away from the father and leaves the couple to be in consternation, with the salesman in between them, salesman who smiles in a bit artificial way, just like someone who knows to much personal things about his clients. It will be probably the highest dramatic point of the episode, until somebody is taken to a hospital five minutes later or police arrests the first cousin of the hero’s driver after commercial. I hope all cereal addicted ladies will have a blast. I had a blast. I’m even going to use the soap while listening to the opera this evening. It was rare occasion actually to participate in the production from its center and I must say that those ten meters from being the crowd do make a huge difference. It is not easy to compare movie with TV nor the way actors work in such different productions, but both are fun to do. Cereal requires just a bigger distance to the portrayed character. Energy share is more smooth and tonned. Very pleasant experience and I’m glad to experience it with the clear conscious dialogue between body and mind. That dialogue that gave me the freedom of creative interacting with all on both levels, emotional and intellectual one.

Show Must Go On

Yesterday, I went to the theatre. Quite an intellectual place, considering the simplicity of governing mass culture, unfortunately proud the same way in lack of tolerance and supporting non appreciative perspective about the rest of the world. Coming in, dressed more in hip hop fashion than a classical way, became provocation without intention. Thousands of controlling eyes spoted me immediately as if I were at last muslim terrorist or french immigrant who burns cars. Such high circles of tolerance know the respect only after checking out and testing with all possible pathologies of own minds, that perceive individual at its worst instead of its best. Fear caused animal treatment, facing the biology that is not afraid of self. No wonder that they are so tight and pitiful. Most difficult was to embrace girls pretending the future wives on a hunt for male and crazy blondes, who think about selves that I have them and immediately invite in participation of panic and chaos. I’d love to be more perceptive about the way they can make their life better, but then, noticing the beauty of hips was all I could do. Thankfully respect to the audience allowed me to maintain peaceful and work all incoming hurts within self. Understanding that nobody is perfect allows to catch what is, not what the mind projects to remain in a present. Respect to the audience shown other way I could observe, when the play started. Creativity that exists on stage is more open to changes than the audience itself. Story was about the past. Three sisters known from Czechov’s classical drama meet on the stage again to look retrospectively on their past. What I consider their mistake, is not noticing the present. They are unable to break the bad luck and state for themselves. Actresses however had gone in much more present conscious reality, than their characters. After quite emotional, heart jumping self cleansing they worked out an optimistic message at the end. It was a good partner work and sharing in the understanding, that there is more to life than just sleeping, eating and fornicating (whether with others whether with own soul). I left a play with the healthy sense that past is not now, nor is the future, therefore there is no other use of suffering than its recognition, source analyzing, fixing mistakes and going on with life without making same mistakes again.

Today I’ve received phone call inviting me to play an episode of the salesman in one of TV cereals. What is the sense of TV and where is the place for normality in it? Challenge to be found and enjoyed. Decent pay and good experience. At first, the wind of uncertainty and madness touched me, but prepared for it I removed unnecessary excitement easily, recovering memories of talking on set. As soon as forget “all arounds” and remain in the real present of what is to be done there, it will come out better not only for myself but for a picture and people enjoying it as well. I have two lines “Have you decided already?’ and “Excellent choice”. Not much to say, but enough to have it spoken. Anyway, everything will be just the way it should be in the perpetual flow of changing forms in that universe. So will be my intention to share with all the conscious, growing with optimism perspective on the existence of the spirit and light.

Au Naturel

los.jpgI got to the recall, but I haven’t became policeman without T-shirt after all. I’m not paid 5000 PLN but considering the way I feel after yesterday’s screening it is not such a bad deal after all. Getting one, while working with the intention of commercial is not physically satisfying experience. Plenty of sleep and guided breathing will make me the new man and the sense of ease while shooting will not be lost. The exercise of “green perspective” for a movie pronounced self within my head yesterday and I’m glad to be able to use my mind for it, while not perceiving the present myself. It’s all I can do about it now, considering that I don’t even have a digital camera nor money for it. Naked policeman would solve that problem, but walking and catching present is not a problem at all. I’ll tend to document it here, so I’ll have enough takes to put the story in later. Eventual fear of stealing my copyrights does not exist, since sooner such perspective gets shown, better for all. Nobody can steal my way of seeing anyway. And last but not least, it’s hard to believe that anyone who shares such perspective of nature steals ideas, choosing such activity first, before the idea of co-creation. Intention is to share such angle here, that absorbs “green perspective” widely for the biggest amount of viewers. Goal is helping them to open self to their own bodies, beauty of nature and to personal ways of getting free from dictatorship of own mind, that shades the present before so many eyes. Those who do steal are blind for such appreciation, so they cannot use this intention to support any other goal. Therefore nothing is more safe then those notes here.

rys.jpgIt is amazing to observe the vast space of sky, while lying on the bench in a park. After the while hearing loses the sounds of traffic, presence of birds and leaves gets discovered. Clouds allow to see borders of shadow, the speed sun approaches with and allow to catch that special moment, when its warmth touches face. I’ve mentioned the green belt in previous post, but I didn’t mention the way nature gets to the city thanks to it. Last summer there were beavers under one of the bridges, foxes and hares are not common, but conscious observer can spot them while walking down the river. Even eagles visit those areas to feed on ducks and cormorants. Warsaw, that suffered almost complete destruction after the 1944 Uprising, has been built according to monumental, communist plans. Thanks to that, city suffers communicational problems today, but also avoided condensation of built areas. Warsaw remained vast and flat and folks who live here know a lot about winds. Wide roads and spaces between buildings are full of trees, “take-wise” speaking it is actually possible to walk in a strict center with being seen only from the perspective that contains blooming trees and no traffic at all. Shooting should take all four seasons to have that sensibly exposed. Despite green belt, there are plenty of parks in the city. Woodpeckers and hedgehogs are not rare there either, but to see bigger animal one must visit Kampinos, about one hour drive from the city center. If one knows how to listen and how to behave in nature, than elks, roe deers, wild boars and lynx can be seen, next to the vast amount of smaller mammals and birds.

Weather Rules

All day on a set, shooting commercial, hardly can be found boring. I enjoy sets very much, however only the movies have all the necessary style and components to submerge self wholeheartedly into work. Otherwise the perspective of ultimate truth in sharing gets shaded by the business, whether of TV station or of the commercial owner. Those sets however are a great space to train the craftsmanship. I was traditionally “the crowd”. Most of it was cool and I had plenty of space to observe and learn the production, except of staying for one hour in a shadow, on a very windy street corner with some sand getting into eyes. They needed two people for adjusting the take. My companion was complaining and I was watching how sparrows mate. We had a blast with probably the lowest wages in town for staying on the street corner.

Green belt originating in non regulated banks of Vistula river divides Warsaw, creating healthy lungs. More city photos.

All day outside on a sun or a cold wind affects the body in certain way. Sounds of traffic also don’t belong to the comforts. I’ll see the street sellers new way after experiencing ten hours in strict center, without the ability to be indoors. But I also had time to see the trees, way they are in the present. Warsaw in much greener than many other European cities. Especially now, when trees bloom yellow, pink, red and blue way. To my greatest surprise I’ve seen finch there and as I’ve mentioned before, observed the way sparrows are mating. Opportunity to picture the city from such a natural and peaceful perspective can surprise even those people, who live here for a long time, never seeing anything beyond rush and traffic. I’d like to show them how to discover much more harmonized and peaceful face of the city. It may be enough to stop before the bridge, while on a way back from work, walk across it and take the tram on the next stop. I have one artistic movie behind me already and I hope to make the new one. There is plenty of nature outside and profit from harmony inside me to do so. I hope to convince the plot of the story and the others about the need to express the green perspective of life as one, in which nothing is wasted and it is easier to be a happy human.


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