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Affording to live without the necessity to miss oneself.



Challenge to be over with in order to experience consciousness.


“Man should know how to protect self from tigers created by himself and from those created by other people.”

Alexandra David-Neal “With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet” circa 1915


There is no use of having a straight one if you don’t know about it.

Rat Race

Side effect of withdrawn sexuality and not respecting own privacy.


The effect of discovering, neutralizing, healing and preventing the war within own thoughts.


It is safer not to lose it. The risk finding it by inspired virgin is too high.

Lucky Knowledge

Those more into extravert than introvert way of changing life, always “eat the will” pretending to agree, while they try to govern over the bodies and minds of thy neighbors. They are enslaved by peculiar demon hidden behind materialistic desires, power that drives them to use each one as a tool to achieve only own goals. There is no use to fight them back nor to fall under their desire’s command, abandonment is the best gift of love they can be given. Ability to trust grows paralelly with ability to breathe peacefuly in one’s presence.

Neverending Play

Being half time seen and half time heard. Doing the same.

Iron Consequence

Elders tend to doubtlessly believe what they say, and they like to say “This is my land” a lot.

Then, with head hidden in sand, they don’t see their shaky, cowardly ass, while the hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts or floods reign.

If my elders are like that, why (or maybe how) should I be different.

Yet, age of technology made me different, therefore: This is my Internet!


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