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He is really Good




Resistance from posessing another one is the only way not to be posessed by other consciousness.

Artistic Freedom

Achieving compromise with collective consciousness on the level of helping it and amusing with true beauty within the own capacity of creation.  Ability of saying “enough” to its greedy, commercial demands allows to keep high levels of creative energy forever.


Mind makes only a philosopher, fist just a warrior, eye only a judge so check for the heart if you want to be real human.


State of soul, while in body overcomed by the mind believing self to be undoubtful and the only one existent.

The Same

Only those men are all the same who think, that all women are the same.

The Same

Only those women are all the same who think, that all men are the same.


One can embrace far more while facing the sun than while facing only the society.


Ecology teaches us that nowadays, doing things right way means mostly not doing plenty of them.


Ability to maintain harmony with nature in every moment while in body. Death removed from the post of enemy to the post of advisor helps.


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