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Eco Stalker

He is in the world without letting world be in him. Coexists with system without becoming it.


Place to Be

oak-treeYa me di al poder que mi destino rige
No me agarro ya de nada, para así no tener nada que defender.
No tengo pensamientos, para así poder ver.
No temo ya a nada, para así poder acordarme de mí.
Sereno y desprendido,
Me dejará el Aguila pasar a la libertad

I gave myself to the power that rules my flow.
I cling to nothing, so I have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I can see.

I fear nothing, so I remember myself.
Detached and at ease,

I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

Oddałem się mocy, która kieruje moim losem.
Nie mam nic, więc niczego nie muszę bronić.
Nie ma we mnie myśli i dlatego widzę.
Nie boję się niczego więc pamiętam siebie.
Samotny i swobodny,
przemknę się za plecami Orła i stanę sie wolny.

Már átadtam magam az erőnek, mely uralja sorsomat.
Nem ragaszkodom semmihez, így nincs amit megvédjek.
Nincsenek gondolataim, így látni fogok.
Nem félek semmitől, így emlékezni fogok önmagamra.
Különválva és könnyedén,
elzúgok a Sas mellett a szabadság felé.

Birth of the Star

Turning collected dust and fog into positive energy. Awakening to the existance of higher consciousness and begining to shine with inner light.


Black Hole

black_hole.jpgSense paralyzing presence. Subversive personality that enslaves every decision capable person with its borderless surrender to consumption. Knowledge of enough and never taking more than own impeccability is the only self control that generates enough spititual acceleration not to sink into such mind patterns. For conscious beginners, throwing the TV into the garbage helps.

Inner Knowledge

Knows all one needs to know, even more. Art of listening to others lies not in blind acceptance of their solutions but in learning ways of accessing own inner knowledge.

Just as I Wrote

Societies are meeting the needs of the present but in doing so very definitely compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

UN Global Environment Outlook

Spelling E-n-o-u-g-h

Lack of assertiveness comes from non fixing own problems that leads to burdening self with problems of others.

Digital Fact of Present

When one’s mind has a problem than one’s entity exists in uncomfortable situation. Once the problem is solved and the new behavior that recognizes and excludes repeating mistake is put into action, one lives in better condition.

Forbidden Fruit

Symbol referring to the consumption of tendency, that makes simple things complex, difficult. Necessary to overcome in order to achieve back the tendency of having all simple. Only this time, instead of the told consciousness, like it was before the consumption,  making them simple happens according to own consciousness.

Light but not Theory

Whatever happens, shadow has only a half of the planets that create it with own bodies. Even if eclipses are the extra time, lights of stars do have all the time and space left in the universe.


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