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Ways of Life

People never disappear. Some of them becomes transparent and some of them translucent.


Loving Parents

Not repeating the mistakes of parents makes the true obedience to their will.


I wonder if man’s tendency to forget about nature when it comes to the needs of people is bigger than man’s tendency to forget about people when it comes to money.

Energy Sources

Instead of fighting for taking each others energy in power based philosophy all can gain own by appropriate lifestyle and not engaging into fight. Level of life and respect of law in civilized societies allows already such a lifestyle, however requires some essential changes once one decides to gain from own sources. There is plenty of information about holistic lifestyle just as there are many unique people developing their own lives on similar bases.

I’ve also read on other blog about very special beauty contest I’ve found worthwhile and voted as well.

Silent Truth

Disregarded use of words does such a waste, that it is essential to speak only with the harmony to the capabilities of human being. And there is so much to hear beyond own words and words of others, once one knows how to listen.

Question of Taste

Co creating the existent reality has many levels, just like there are many unique people. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with some of them and this is just a question of taste that makes one work somewhere else.

Reflection about Reflection

The day one finds self obligated to look for imperfections shall start with the mirror.

Counting Ballots

Democracy is fun. I’ve just reelected myself for a next term of being happy human being.


Many people ad emoticons to their writings, it is the way of expressing unity, giving not only the mind but a body to what they say I suppose. Since there in nor penis nor tree among those emoticons and my fingers do work on a keyboard anyway, I’ll be OK without them.

Over with Tales of Misery

Difference between ordinary and unique perception of Divine is about seeing the same with different  interpretation of it within one’s head. Overcoming own laziness and fear is real, lifetime choice and challenge. As for people, uniting in misery is far more easier than uniting in glory. Glorious is to know that one lives and sees all to be as unique as himself.


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