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Fathers and sons

The biggest challenge in fatherhood is to notice the first time while seen human, critical way. Realize that the omnipotent and always right parent made the mistake. Choice of protecting already gone old play may put apart most of fathers and sons. Unless one of them overcomes it.


La Raison d’État

blasonoftheknights.pngToday, ecology is the only one logically explicable raison d’État in countries developed in imagination.

Emotional Solution

One who does not blame nor use emotional blackmail does not fall into guilt while accused nor yield the excuses while blackmailed.


The play is not about denying the existence of holes but about not falling into them.

Imperial Matters

chinesebox.jpgQuestion how does the truth is defined and reality projected is the same since the establishment of first human empire. However today “Who does the push in the bush?” sounds the way, in which asking hides plenty of the answer.

Empires tend to be helplessly submerged in own fiction. If only the planet could be the emperor.

Feeling Blue

deep-blue.jpgMajor symptom that indicates lack of courage to be in love again. Having a spouse besides, while it appears, makes it easier to define destination of self reanimated love, however the challenge remains equal to all other cases.

Energy Savings

Frugality in promises increases capability of fulfilment.

Fair Fair

Accepts being together without expectations, let’s go without conditions. Love simply is.

Courage towards System

The day one wakes up hating system build by human for human, tempted to fight with it through destruction, one must remember that such action is nothing original and the main reason why system seems hateful. Building own system against the ready one is nothing more than being trapped in hate. One with good intentions will understand soon, that being a change that one wants to see is the only free, peaceful way of transforming that system. Others never can be convinced by force, only through attraction towards new, once they find it good.

Words and Thoughts


To play with words is the same like with matches. Playing with tool of not fully understood purpose and abilities may lead to fire. Thoughts are even worse because if falsely conducted they can burn its host. Thinking happily and healthy, among other wondrous benefits, reduces the need to control words.


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