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Ice Age

Some woman base the structure of their mental communication with men on a golden rule never to be satisfied. If there are no words of acceptance only criticizing, one can be sure that searching further contact with such one has no use, except of realizing her way. Good sex has nothing to do with good lovemaking. Realizing it once for a lifetime saves plenty of space for emotional growth. They are the yin balance for yang competitors, who exclude aspects of own personality just to fit the temporary image of the tough man, rarely ending up in more attractive place than a bar. Such men and woman desperately search for communication, that already exists among them on the level adequate to their spiritual development. After all, man can gain satisfaction of satisfying the woman only if she also wants to be satisfied and they both know about it.



global-warming.jpgThou shalt not purchase beyond natural needs.

The eldest Profession

Macho cult is probably the cheapest trick ever brought upon the mankind. Just imagine, what kind of culture we would live in, if the male’s ability to penetrate would have such price as females are able to get for their temporary allowance.

Art of Perception

Some see the glass that is half empty. Others see the glass that is half full. They will divide each other into pessimists and optimists. Few, who hold no judgements, will simply see the glass with water.

Totalitarian Confession

Although I really hate admitting it, I must. I wish I could be mistaken on this one but I’m not. Unfortunately, all those politics, fanatics, tyrants and extremists were right, while saying that there is only one, one and only, right and acceptable system. System that has us and we, simple folks cannot do anything about it, not even revolution, we have to accept it whether we like it or not…


Don Conscious

There are some things in that universe of one that collide with universe of other, things that one simply cannot do. Sooner you realize it less life you will waste on the windmill fight.


Mission Possible

If only all those folks who want to save my soul would channel all that effort into the care about environment and harmony of own life we would live in paradise, where actually everyone would have time to notice own soul and save self.


People ain’t shout programmable computers. Especially kids.

Mentors should Know

In a global system free of the concept of war and competition people will have time to celebrate simple things not only pushed into poverty or after getting retired.


Hurting self starts with the belief that others can reach you with hurting. Once you believe that it may not happen it will not. Lying to self cannot help with fulfilling such task. Tough like the diamond will can.


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