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Beyond Flame

I don’t make money on Olympics like the modern athletes, who can’t afford not taking part in them. I don’t make money on boycotting Olympics like those anti-Chinese shouters, who wear “made in China” T-shirts. Since there is no tax relief for counter spelling execrations nor calculation between morality and profitability published in points on daily stock market why should I? Not to offend my western medicine owned co-citizens and protecting my constitutional right to respect Japanese ways of Zen as equal, just like any decent, lawful citizen, I’ll express myself saying that in those matters, stream of my urine will do.


This Tibetan flag has been downloaded and published on the computer made in China. The only reason of this demonstration lies in expressing the connection between all and in raising awareness that solutions based on dualism are temporary and have no power of resolving problems in permanent, human friendly way.


Ecce Mundo

billboard.jpgI’ve seen the commercial recently with a very funky and warm big city atmosphere on it. Nothing to be actually found under the billboard, where tensed people marched in the rhythm of pressure made for each other, according to which they’ve chosen to compete with each other. Atmosphere not to be found in moods of media photo creators either, professionals only in painkillers and visual performance. Seems to me as if many had sold their old belief in heaven and hell trading it with the idealistic movie world without the place for them, mere cartoon characters.

Environment vs. Heritage

Mentioning ecology means that all the elders in your family treat one like the mad kid, who desperately needs help and instead of listening, they decide to help against will. Therefore even as a self sustained person, visiting them is dangerous. Their mental state does not allow them to accept freedom they fear or cannot understand themselves. During such visit state of alertness hangs in the air because surrendering to their flow, way known in memories as usual, means the withdrawal in personal evolution.


Being considered by weaker and threatened the tough one does not make you tough indeed. Being not afraid of exploring and developing own sensitivity does.

Essence of Life’s Evolution

Old cannot be overcome and will always pull down if not removed completely to make space in life for the new. Exemplary you cannot play new spiritual game without removing old liquid spirit from your life’s space.

Tripple Once

myth-svarog.jpgOne of the most accurate in judeo-christian culture description of maya comes from John Steinbeck:

“I know three things will never be believed – the true, the probable, and the logical.”

It contains very characteristic for that culture number three. It is fun to read the descriptions of Slavic gods made by Christian scientists – they are never capable of proper interpretation of philosophic ideas in those religions, always “translating” them into Christian system of values. Exemplary Nawia, which is the equivalent of Happy Hunting Ground has been compared to Heaven, even though there is no place like hell in Slavic mythology, that would authorize such perspective.

Somehow not surprising that even science bares its own myths to consider and only those who have overcome the dualism are capable of perception that implies unity of all.

Bloody Missionaries

There is nothing wrong with being a Christian. With behaving like you are not in order to recruit or weaken coexisting non Christians – plenty.


Jumpy little egocentric thoughts that not controlled nor distanced to can grow into feelings, that sometimes  get resolved only through really big issues. Knowing own emotions helps excluding described pattern.

Good Day

helfen_takhi4sp.jpgI’ve just overcome one of most absurd and old fears of mine. I approached and stroke Przewalski’s horse. Idea of not having tension between us came in quite an interesting thought: After observing that animal for some time I’ve decided to surrender to its goodness and only then he let me have the initiative of stroking it. Amazing, how deep and sensitive energy and emotion share I was privileged to take part in.


Masters of bullying think, that the pure fact of not doing it may mean that one is scared. It is interesting to listen to the way those people express their inability to perceive peacefully. Fun to have those petty tyrants disappear from own thoughts is big enough not to explain them, that reason of not reacting has nothing to do with fear. There is no good nor bad in the universe only evolving energy after all…


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