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Environmental Requirements

After losing ego in judeo-christian culture man must create an artificial one in order to be understood and communicate with majority of population.


Duty of Obedience

How to be obedient to some old folk who overdoze TV and food without any limits and so they are sure about own righteousness and mission of raising young ones without any insight nor respect to their passions?

The choice of becoming dumb skeleton of their will or execrated but free tradition spoiler actually does not leave a lot of choice.


Art of saying “everything will happen when its time comes” instead of “over my dead body”.

Pagan Poetry

Privilege of not believing in hell is probably the biggest benefit of not being Christian.

Night of the living People

I’ve been taught to be proud of being human, more than an animal. Folks who told me that don’t show much  restraint towards satisfying their urges, that are common dependencies of withdrawn sexuality. Lack of that control is manifested in defined by local culture side effects such as drinking, smoking, eating or gambling. There is no other form of life on Earth that knows the meaning of pride or engages self in such self destructive behaviour. It would be great to have a conscious partner, free from local, destructive paternal patterns. Communicating and building all levels of relating next to each other becomes one happy adventure then.  There is so much of spring around already…


Today, I’ve been told, that I’m wise and beautiful. Few minutes later, media warned that the organized group of swindlers prowls the neighbourhood.


I’ve heard opinion about Poles formulated by Russian man who lived in Warsaw for a while. He said that Poles are good parents of not own children. Since many people perceive me as much younger than my experience reaches, I easily agreed with him. Especially thinking about so many older people who used to irritate me with the way they look at me or communicated. Some of those older people were even younger than me by age, but not by mind. Solution on that problem got born in my brain once, inspired by an ordinary event.

Before my kashima training, there is karate for kids in dojo. Seeing the way they respect us I assume, that their sensei must teach them the good respect to fight and manners. Since we have swords and hakamas, next to our “advanced age”, their perception of us and our “master craftsmanship” seems like quite admiring.  Once I waited for toilet to get free, while about ten year old boy left it without flushing nor the hand wash. He looked at me in the way, as if he’d got caught on the crime. I was just about to stop him, when I succeeded in stopping myself and my social expectations. I’ve been “raised” by many random people on the streets since then. I watch them peacefully, while laughing to my thoughts.

Earth Day

I’m living in a country where in supermarket, you cannot buy eggs in that does not originate from not tortured hens. I’m living in a country where no paper dares to publish an ecological article that writes the truth instead of dozing it and using phrase “protection of environment” is faux pas in presidential palace. I live in a country where many people does not like those facts and they are becoming visible and capable to change it. I live on Earth where everything goes just the way it should and so is developing my inner discipline and inner peace. I own my body and know how not to share it with abstraction thoughts and feelings that consume others who, kill self nature by fighting for mind importance. I know the facts but they are not in me. I can go to the riverbank to observe spring and stay calm and happy all the time. Every day is an earth day. Happy Earth Day.


There is an opinion in many cultures according to which we wish others what we consciously or not wish to ourselves. How sorry one can be for all of those who wish others death.


Lack of self acceptance and security mistakenly channelled into blind criticism and need of fixing everything around the individual instead of fixing internal problem instead.


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