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Accepting Hypocrisy

Asking why one accepts may end in two answers.
If the answer is “because I’m not like others and I do” one may be an unconscious animator and a victim of the emotional blackmail.
Sometimes it is better not to accept just to learn honestly about self and own boundaries.
If the answer is “because nobody, including me, is perfect and there is no use to create temporary advantage on mental barriers” one can sleep in peace.


Bilingual poem to the corporate female HR officer

stop the bajer,
light my fire.

Bajer – (read b-ire similar to tire) polish word descending from bajka – fairytale, has few distinctive meanings from such as glib speech, tale, yarn, feed sb baloney to such as the gadget, fancy thing.

Disarming Siren

Telling the truth about the ways of getting hurt to the rightful woman who hates one is the best protection. She will never use it because by doing so she’d have to acknowledge that one was right.


Being right before oneself even if it can be expensive.


Even the most sophisticated constructions of mind lead to nothing, when the physical emotion of body that bares such mind remains unrecognized.


Nowadays, merely cruel joke of selfish mind, that creates the mood of longing, physically touching the selfish one. Philosophy of golden middle, also called by author of this blog philosophy of “enough”, allows not to submerge in such self destructive activity.

Traditions of a Profession

In the last will of the shot on site grave robber was a request to be burried with all valuables found on him.

Human Point

I’ve read opinion on one gay blog, according to which there is no point of getting social with people, to whom you’ll be never more than a faggot. I guess many black, handicapped or foreigner could say the same. I was wondering what is the point to socialize with species that is alien to own environment. Now I know, that remembering of belonging to human species makes one endure all kinds of collective madness weaker minds surrendered their bodies to.

Noticable lack of e-mails

Practice of the old freedom rule: “if you really love her, let her go” helps with realizing how attached one can be. State of siege can occur only if the attachment exists. Not having anything is the only impeccable way of having nothing to protect. In developing happiness of present conclusion one may thank, that those life lessons are so full of joy and beauty.


Each end is the beginning of something new. As one faces the end more invincibly, gets reborn stronger.


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