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Difference between being loved and being desired resembles the one between the chair and the electric chair.


Angry Angels

Simple Awakening

Moving smoothly from the REM phase of very pleasant dream to the equally pleasant reality makes a day before it even begins.


Sense of water streams surrounding fingers while swimming is very refreshing. Feeling that can be truly called catching the flow.

Sex, Jung and Rock and I

Lovemaking, once stripped to mere sexual pleasure, becomes as addictive as alcohol, gambling, drugs or nicotine with the same hopeless lack of satisfaction. Amount of values in media and pop culture that allow to develop the relation on more levels, than just the lowest chakra and emotional blackmail, seem insufficient. I’ve wondered why insisting on more in those matters, made me an idiot in the eyes of that funny mix of catholic values and TV commercials, more scientifically called collective consciousness. Well, although I’m supposed to, I don’t give a fuck.


It’s time to get cover once there is nothing else to discover….

Simple and Truth

All roads lead to enlightenment. One can learn from others but has own one to master.

Temperatures Rising

Warm weather makes all slow down. Earth will be saved from from resource wasting, dumb, speeding up, competitive people once the air-conditioning breaks down.

Into the depths of human mind

I’ve been re-visioning my deepest fears and childhood traumas recently. It occurred, that the fear of witchcraft in general and werewolves in particular have strengthened since the last full moon. That was followed by special kind of small penis complex – lacking such, transformed it into general minority complex. I’m stable and discovering that I’m not neurotic is quite comforting.

Plastic Test

If you want to know how “non plastic” – ecological, in touch with own biology – person you are, try sitting alone in nature. Exemplary meadow or riverbank, point is not to see not hear any human made things. Observe your thoughts, way of perceiving comfort there, ideas and memories appearing in your mind. If place is found to be non comfortable and thoughts are disturbing without ability to detach from them even for awhile; the answer about tasks to become complete seems obvious.


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