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Family Reunion

Special time that tells us how much how much we remain the way others imagine us to be and how much we have really evolved.



Energetically logical event in one’s lifetime, mistakenly called otherwise with its names extending from the tragic event to the nice surprise.


Joyous state of creation.


People who are.

Life Plan

1. Be happy.

Day Plan

1. Fall in love.
2. Travel around the world.
3. Became international movie star.
4. Water the flowers.


Answering with love on lack of it.

Present Protection

Remembering is good but when one wants to remember too much, there is the risk of living in the past.

Economy of Love

Less to expect more to receive… .

Perspective of the Free

Those who fall against own nature with their bodies go to prison. Those who fall against nature with the absurd of their minds, get imprisoned in the monasteries of own skulls…


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