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The will to be.



Capacity of unconditional love.


Ability to look ahead.


Happy peace of consciousness.

First is First

Without understanding and keeping positive attitude towards family members it is not possible to establish healthy and respectful relations with other people.


Supplements and Steroids

I saw a document that made me I admit that I’m part of the visual body culture. I like it today and I always wanted to look better, have prettier muscles and be more attractive. In the past, more luckily than by choice, breaking the code of own biology was never in question, drugs I’ve tried had more to do with the psychic search than with achieving the physical gain. Today, I can peacefully notice that my consciousness respects the biological rules of its bodily ship and does not wish to break them to amaze those, who haven’t reach the understanding of own duality so far.

Christianity for Dummies

Thirty three years of happy, inspiring life. Tiny percentage of it, something about a week full of pain that ended with quite optimistic resurrection. It’s not about concentrating on that one week of problems. That one week is not enough for the whole appreciation of worshipped saviour.

Power Struggle in Relationship

I don’t need to win. As long as it’s about us, do whatever you want. But the second it starts to be about you having me, instead of us being next to each other, I have to put pants on. Those are the blue pants of solitude.

Projection vs Perfection

Longer time among people who project themselves to be a victims may be dangerous… . Later, it takes some time of being alone to realize that I really don’t need to buy the whip.


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