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At a first stage mark the human search of knowing self and becoming complete. Later got united through common growth beyond the mere art of imagining each other.


So Far but Closer than Own Eyes

As long as you are trying to change the world, it will be changing you. Once you are ready to embrace it just the way it is, you get embraced by the world.

Without Rancour

I’m not angry with her. As for her level of consciousness she did best.

Thinking Politics

Majority gets born with full or empty stomach on this or the other side of the border. Very few actually consciously chooses their political view points.

Taste of Freedom

Feeding on values inedible for tyranny makes one non digestible even by the toughest of systems.

Physics of Luck

Luck doesn’t come to those who wait for it. It meets only those who go ahead to meet it.

Soul’s Eyes

Some say that eyes are a mirror of the soul. Maybe what can be seen in the eyes is the capability of one’s consciousness to reflect the wonders of this world… .


Funny thing about greed is the fact, that despite the social position and already gained goods it still does not allow it’s bearer to gain happiness. Conquering own mind to the understanding of “enough” gives the possibility to enjoy the moment what in broader perspective means the life.

Reflection Case

When someone starts with telling you who you are and how better should you be, there is no use in listening. Simply, he or she cannot be more honest about own state of unconsciousness. It’s never about the listener then. You can listen how own problems are projedted on outside world, in such case you, only to know better what issues such individual struggles with.

Popcultural Day


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