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Fo(u)r Self

Artists are such a bitches. Not holding to imaginary virtues makes them entirely true.

The muse is dead. Long live the muse!


Law of Comprehension

When mind judges the part of noticed reality as an absurd and denies it right to exist then mind becomes irrational.

The Choice

When it comes to the choice between what is easy and what is right, those who take right have much more perspectives and satisfaction from what they do.

Humming Streets

Majority of folks does not know what their business on this planet is. They run from one master to the other, changing opinions and beliefs to reach the articifial comfort instead of listening to one way and their inner voice. It is so easy to sell them commercial trash, to make them dependent for a time that is spent together. As long as their minds are open to endless possibilities, instead of chosing consequent way of living, their subversive approach is not easy to get rid of. Once one’s mind is set on the goal beyond the material possibilities required by desire and submerged in the wisdom of inner divinity; all those noises and problems are becoming illusion.

Yin Yang

Forever Young Forever Jung


Considering the fact that dying young is a privilege of a few in our society, that is mostly oriented to the future, disrespect to the old age seems to be not only common but also very self destructive mistake.

Totem Pro Verb

Does not seek the company of frogs one who does not intend to live in the swamp.

Keeping Order

There is no such a drill of activities that may solve the problem of the conspicuous mess if the mess of the mind is not taken care of first.


Things have the energy we put in it. Holding to them makes quite uneasy to get rid of them once their purpose is gone. Their tendency to grow around the flat have buried alive so many of people. Keeping them as a part of the flow despite their market value is one of the greatest challenges of all, who had grown in capitalism.

None to Blame

We all are becoming the choices we make.


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