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Art of Letting Go

Some do prepare very detailed plans only to know, that they improvise later.



It is much more easier to invent thousands of solutions how to improve one’s thinking than to observe own mind without becoming it.

Left in Peace

Do not chase those who run. It is the only way to help them in understanding that themselves is all they escape from.

Male Independence Law

Woman, who treats herself as a thing that belongs to man, has no power over the man, who treats women like the free, fellow human beings.

Real Promise

Even in the middle of toughest winter the sun shining on a moss reminds about summer.

Mind Traps

Every ego originally feeds itself on total self centralization or on total self denial. When it comes to conquering the ego, fact of its origin becomes absolutely irrelevant.

First Person in Plural

Coming up with the expression “we” during the conversation doesn’t necessarily make two together.

First Snow

It looks as there may be actually a normal winter this year.


Ability to understand the process of own growth.

Heartbeat Watch

Economic priority of peace in the times, when most of the human activities lack natural balance.


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