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Social Subjects

Internet genuinely allows to meet people of various interests and share views on unusual subjects. It would be fun to be able to recognize them in real life and to be able to talk with passer by about bioenergotherapy or personal development instead of sports and politics.


Finding Self

Freedom starts with mind conscious about inhabiting the body and establishing loving relationship based on dialogue with it.

Middle East Conflict Solution

I wrote not easy to sign document, that should start the process once there will be enough courageous citizens who accept it on either side of the conflict. I feel privileged to name it Ghandi Declaration. Life on Middle East may be tough, but surely it is not hopeless. This is for people who despite current perspective of their government would sign such declaration and keep it by them just like the organ donor card.

Ghandi Declaration

I hereby certify that I do understand that my birth at that particular place on Earth did not happen by accident. Fragile situation around me spiritually challenges my personal growth, supported by all kinds of religious convictions, in order to find the peace and share it with all among me. Deriving joy from wondering the beauty of the world the way my ancestors have taught me I respect them to the depth of not repeating mistakes they were not ready to solve. Therefore I consider their problems a past that has no influence on creating healthy present for me and further generation. I have found courage to certify that their conflict is beyond me simultaneously understanding, that some of the spiritual seekers living next to me still believe in violent solutions. I acknowledge, that all I can do about it is to help them expanding their perspectives through all, lying within my human courage means, and to abandon them when it comes to violence. Knowledge that those who share peace never die with fear and violence in their hearts justifies my choice of helping others best way I can and forgiving for all they commit in the unconscious level of their personal development as human beings. I accept the fact that death is the natural end to the physical body and considering my own I ask my family, friends, tribe or government not to treat it as a loss that requires any kind of revenge despite the any possible circumstances it happens in.


Water Ski

I’ve spent half of the childhood on the water as a junior member of water ski club. Today I’ve met my coach during the visit to the pool. He installed the machine to pull kids through 50m pool, which is enough to do two, three figures and allows to train in winter. I was exceptionally allowed to step on and sled above the soft surface with the suddenly restored, immense joy.


Important Question

Hey man, do you know what does your mother want? As a person not as your mother.

Understanding Ritual

Since all kinds of food are avaiable all year long Christmas seems to be more of the burden than a festivity to many around me, especially those used by an exhausting idea of shopping. Goods delivered and feast as the way of celebrating doesn’t seem to be an exeptional time anymore. Only shows, that many do repeat rituals without the understanding of their spiritual meanings. Blind tradition may not kill as fast as few other ideologies yet doesn’t make much sense, not to mention its non ecological input on human behavior.

Life of Heart

Execration of the second relationship is the tendency of counting the kindness given and received. Search for balance is usually caused by the fear of not hurting self again. Yet heart starts to live only when kindness spreads equally towards all and without any expectations. Trust towards universe to keep the balance shall be enough for each one, who understands the meaning of own position in it.


State of mind capable of generating limitless amounts of energy to create the consciousness of lack.



Difference between love and desire resembles the one between the chair and the electric chair.

Gay Lesson

Homoerotic relations have more distance to cultural patterns than traditional relationships therefore their simplicity shows better some of human choices.  Loving somebody perceived as reason of drama makes one what others with disgust call fag. Loving somebody perceived as reason to be happy makes one beautiful gay man, often despite life circumstances. When I see marriages around me I wonder how come that once babies are there, sometimes even before it, so many of them repeats the fag scenario… .



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