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Optimistic Complaint

It is hard to be a tyrant. There is always someone crawling out from under the pile of dead bodies.


You’ll never Know

Choosing to unite with someone against sobebody else results in sleeplessness.

Zen Conclusion

Considering how much we don’t know and how we feel about it, adding how much we do know and how we feel about it, in 99,99% we are dumb blondes. Actually, we all are because the rest doesn’t mind.

Contra Diction

Working on every form of fiction is a very real job.

Green lack of Motion

The city puts the coat of haste on you, remember not to wear it or at last put it down once home. While thinking with ecological depth you can realize, that there are so many things you don’t have to do. Just to gain space. Space to find what can you do instead, to benefit more parts of self than just the mind.

Private Thought

Copulating may be the very pleasurable part of human biology yet it doesn’t seem enough to become the way of life.

Book Review

Despite the fact that I can’t get the idea of what is the spin direction of chakra in the front and back properly, it is indeed heaven of the book.

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Projecting Reality

What is so supreme about human mind, that while watching a cat slipping yet remaining stable on a thin tree branch, it allows itself to state:  “it’s so ungainly” ?

Calming Down

Don’t you worry, honey, everything is under control. All beings of universe are  sure about it since control mentioned above is not the control of your mind.


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