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Sexual Communication

Where are those women who don’t lower themselves to the masculine level? All that artificial blond, high heel marching soldiers in their black shrouds talk in the wanting way that has nothing to do with evolving emotions. How am I to find real woman within myself in such a possessive environment without having an example?  Maybe it’s not easy task but I know that she, one free, happy, complete, one who also knows that she is infinite, exists.


Civilization on Speed

Sometimes the inner imperative that reminds one about things to be done now is the greatest enemy in fulfilling the work of inner development. Especially, when that inner imperative is future oriented, collective consciousness shaped and has nothing to do with appreciation to one’s dreams and self respect.

Amendment to Culture

Balance of masculine and feminine side does not require defining the stiff rules each one of them should be responsible for. It’s much more about the harmony in evolution.

Experiencing Infinity

Everyday existence used to be given in these trap of consciousness that believes itself to be impermanent. In opposition to it the mind, seen as the bordered by media and religion thinking robot, has died. Belief of being the part of higher will got over social dogmas. Everyone else appeared true, as one on its quest in expanding self knowledge. World stopped to look the way it has been told to be, the new thoughts and intentions gained such flow of energy that changed what was not satisfactory. Those new thoughts opposed traditional ones without fight and also got the power to cease selves. Not thinking left space necessary to sense the pulse of Universe and to find love in that unity.

Tainted Love

Sometimes it is necessary to remove all connections with the energy represented by a person on completely different frequencies. Not out of disrespect but caution – union as such can result in receiving vibrations that may be dangerous for one’s health.

Plain and Simple

Not eating pigs and cows results in not eating their fear and therefore does not induce such fear inside self. Fearing those who’s acting is induced by such fear, which is usually called the pig behaviour,  also does not happen. Not watching TV makes one capable of not treating lower emotions as a necessary norm but also of creating greater warmth.  And it leaves much more time to take the conscious, active care of self.

Women Thing

There are those women who always act as if I’d own them and if they were supressed by that fact. They talk as if I’d harm them. I don’t own them nor did anything so they can feel that way. I wonder if they will be ever able to take care of themselves and see that not all men are the same… .

Street Crystals

saltcrystalsIt keeps snowing and streets are getting covered with more and more salt. I can’t help myself with not collecting the bigger crystals I find. Their purpose is to melt ice and make the way less slippery. Having decorative jar of such crystals at home won’t harm in building better, healthier relationships.

Reflection on Calderon

I agree, world may be the great theatre and life a dream. Wandering with this comparison brought me to conclusion that God does not need the special effects, previously called deus ex machina. They exist only for those, who can’t just be and are living the nightmares of constant explaining. For the happy rest every second is a miracle.

Magic Words

It’s so nice to say to someone “I love you” with knowledge that there is no hidden agenda and those words mean only what their meaning intends. It’s so wonderful to be able to believe, once such words are directed to us.


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