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Love will always find the way. Lack of it, fear, will run away. Even now, from the truth written here too. Only love persists.


Good Christians

Considering the history of that religion, CO2 emissions,  lifestyle of present practitioners and their urge to protect their way of life it is hard to find a good Christians. Driving oil run car doesn’t seem to be a sin today but maintaining opinion that such activity is normal becomes the highest crime. Suppressing lifestyles other than the traditional family model, while facing the overpopulation, could serve as a next of many examples on modern list of crimes against humanity. That humanity, that lives on the same planet and believes in many names of the same creative power to which, either way, in the end surrenders.


Place to learn. To learn, not to repeat the mistakes of elders.

Corporate Gravity

For the time being they are not people. They are only commercials of the people.

Watching Acceptance

The moment of understanding that everyone has own way and changes according to it is very important. Allows not to lose energy on creating pressure on other people and frees from consequence of such missionary trend, which is having others pressing and irritating me in order to change. Gives time to work on self and change in the peaceful way that understands the cosmic flow. Allows to watch this world happily, without being disturbed by own thoughts.

Physics of Belief

God one believes in creates reality one perceives. Exemplary, you can’t get punch in the face without believing in vengeful God.

Balancing Moment

Clear consciousness never gets angry while accused.

Who are you Today?

All masks have to be lost in order to find the true face.


Most of the plans and issues pushed by ecological organisations on governments are considered controversial by those lobbyists who are unconscious that humanity is quite a controversial inhabitant of Earth.

Perfectly Normal

Senseless worship, marketing of success connected with ignoring environmental threats and not accepting self destructive trends in our civilization is perfectly normal. Doesn’t make us much more different than Romans, Egyptians, Khmers, Mayans… were.


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