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Law of Flight

Only after you understand that you are just a leaf on the wind, you can enjoy the spins.



Fear and Prayer

I understand that I’ve been asked if prayer can replace facing fear. Answer wasn’t simple, it was discovered.

I’ve been raised by the church to  pray in fear of God and beg for mercy although I didn’t committed any crime. Being accepted there meant to under appreciate myself and punish for not being good enough. That may be the reason why I don’t trust those affirmations in prayers.  I perceive them to be constructed in the way to control my psychic never to get over with fear and guilt. Catholic church I experience here emphasises those negatives and controls people with them, not allowing times to become good. That may be the reason why I left my birth faith and started to meditate. Meditation has been called by Benedict XVI spiritual masturbation and I understand that it is his business to promote contemplation meanwhile his love to other religions never raised above the physical level. Christ surely has nothing to do with it so despite such pressure I prefer to meditate. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Buddhist raised spiritual seeker will find Christianity liberating for similar reasons. I consider the meditation a state, that allows to generate good energy that helps with everyday life. I suppose that prayer may work similar way for somebody else.

There is this Polish saying that can be freely translated as “When the fear strikes the need to pray gets born”. It describes the human behaviour that does not acknowledge God until times go wrong. Recently read news, that since the beginning of economic crisis number of not only believing in God but also praying  Americans has doubled, confirms the reason behind that old saying. It is also my speculation that idea described there stands behind the reason why all the statements about times being good and about enjoying life without the need to perfect anything are so rare in culture strongly influenced by any religion. Yet, perfect described as promise never to achieve simply isn’t the truth. I may be not right considering all religions but those were the issues I had to face in order to find within myself the right to be happy and to understand, that whatever is the name of supreme source I have a right to be here. These are never only dead issues to face but sometimes also alive people devoted to them so blindly, that fortune of other human means less to them than such dogma. Understanding their blindness brings peace to own sight.

That’s why I don’t believe that prayer is the solution while facing fear. But it can be as useful as meditation or any other kind of spiritual practice in a way of discovering and facing fears. But it is only opinion of one mind, mine. The way of facing is probably as personal as all the absurd fears, minds are able to bear, are.

Fear Neutralization

There is only one way not to be operated by fear. Facing it.

Good Definition

If you honestly want to help someone, way you claim you want to do good, stop and think. Does your definition of good is the same like one the bearer of your help believes in?

Reason Protectors

Some are always confused discovering, that although “everything what they’ve said was heard” that fact didn’t became equal with “everything what they’ve said become accepted”. Lack of answer didn’t occur to be “no” for them. They should understand that they are not only taking away the job from professional preachers but they are also sharing their disappointments. In their case listening to selves should help and yes, I’ve read what I wrote before publishing… .

Pheasant Fight

facanfightI’ve just learned the advantage of manualy set shutter speed and got the reason to learn how to do it before my next walk. At least the aftermath came nice and clean.



Sometimes, in order to learn something knew, very old memory needs to be recalled and the choice once made needs to be changed not to block life’s ability to grow. Just like with the broken bone that never healed, it needs to be broken again first to became able to heal.

Two Ways

Once men became capable to break own misery and dared do act in order to make his life easier two ways were born. Murder and art. One of them started the dualism. Other one made the primary intention real.

Free Mind Law

Less you want for yourself, more you can do for yourself too.

Sunday Sunny Day





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