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Healthy Food


The way our eating habits correlate with digestive requirements of the organism did helped with creation of the saying: “If you are fifty and not in pain it means that you’re dead”. Effect of few thousand years old tradition messing up with the rules set by million years of evolution. Not the stomach but brain needs to get used to the way of feeding.



Polite Notice

There is a huge difference between being loved and being owned.


Views/Laws issued by religious institutions that consider themselves the omnipotent voice of God. Still, from time to time, there is a need to bring new dogmas to life and that fact is nothing more than a proof of their dependence from universe. Therefore dogmas are only the way of closing the perception of God in rigid, unchanged state, that has nothing to do with the perpetual flow of the universe. There is a stage in developement of consciousness, when dogmas cease to be tools or obstacles.

Love Making

dragonfly heart by filipmoroz and two dragonflies


There are two kinds of it. Common one, change lacking “dead status quo“, created by fear victims too afraid to think alone and based on inclining the guilt and lack of perfection to every thought of other fear victim, a person who is afraid to think independently and without the guilt.

Second kind embraces not only the thoughts but their connection to deeds and accommodation of that all to spiritual present of one. Such criticism is rare, challenges to become understood, inspires and helps in self development.

Sturm und Liebe

Storm stays beyond me. I observe the pressure lining up towards its thunderous release and I’ll witness it flowing till ozone. Only then I’ll start to breathe it.


Old Town in Warsaw

Behind the Scenes


Art of Listening

It is not essential to hear those, who have the best location to speak from or are the loudest ones to hear. Actually, it is much more fun to listen to those, who have something to say.


Those are not the lungs that allow you to breathe. It’s presence of oxygen in the air.

Women Wait



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