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Reason to Chill

You can’t build self esteem on what people think about you. Even if you’re the celebrity those who know you mean nothing in comparison with those, who does not. Vast majority never knows that you exist. If you really would like to be consequent you have to disappear.

Country Challenge

People are extremely easy to deceive and their belief in perfect humanity helps them a lot. Once you have a shield like a defined job, family and noon time mess presence every Sunday, you are practically covered as a good citizen. As long as you’re smart enough not to get caught on downloading child pornography, you can abuse your wife, daughter, neighbour and field and exercise all seven deadly sins in every manner you want.

cheshiresmileinwarsawcheese guarding Cheshire cats once were considered the happiest, yet in our blurry, technological times owning the garbage containers seems to be enough….

Being a man faithful to own convictions and speaking out own truth on the other hand, will make you, an eventually evicted, village weirdo. It is not true, that there are not many unique, good and smart people. The truth is, if they don’t fit the pattern, they simply prefer to remain invisible.

Fairy Play

Winning someone’s love or social accepance never happens if one acctually tries to achieve those goals. Unleashing own love and potential may actually make it happen somewhere along the way but never, if there is the intention of such win hidden in actions.

Healing Price

Three days of enduring the temperature two degrees (Celsius) higher than normal. Five kinds of herbs. Bio-massage of head and feet. Little food, many liquids, sleep and meditation. And healing effectively became killing for infecting species.

Sense of healing while listening to own body instead of being the pain dependent hostage of pharmaceutical treatment priceless….


I wanted to put my triumphant face here but since my complexion had three sweaty days of fever I decided to appreciate the aesthetic in visual culture of my native white tribe and put someone prettier instead. (with other words: according to the mainstream media if you haven’t escaped Taliban or dug yourself out ten days after an earthquake you have no excuse to go and socialize with such face.)

As for my body, as far as the recovery goes on, I’m quite sure I’ll soon be pretty enough to become  chosen to play in the next commercial of some wonder drug.


I like you. What I don’t like is me while with you.

Perfect Relationship

Once one is done with all own expectations and persists that state in every moment, every relationship is perfect.

Autopsy of the Past

It must have had been Castaneda’s don Juan, who said that past must be left behind not because it is good or bad but because it is dead. Bringing past back just to clean self from its decomposing influence and than forgetting it away forever is a difficult process but it is necessary to achieve the full sense of the present.

Johnny Bravo

filip moroz na szafce, inflancka

There is a locker by the pool, source of my secret pride….

Hyper Crisis

Last events in Tehran made me, the citizen of Europe who is enjoying all the liberties of democratic country, feel like I need to act. Demonstrating in front of the Iranian embassy seemed to be a very good concept. Unfortunately, while preparing banner I wanted to wave with, all idea went down the drain. I never decided should I go with “Children Murderers, the time of Judgement has come!” or “Dear Brothers, our pharmacists and car dealers love your Oil!”.


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