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“Ah, linger on, thou art so fair” or with other words, being able to be satisfied with own present.



n_jastrzabToday morning,  goshawk just sat on the balustrade of my balcony  and watched me waking up. I’m not a chicken and it’s not the only reason why it was a very pleasant awakening.


Knowledge that fight is not necessary is a base of knowing how to fight. Being bound by liking to fight is not enough.

No Alcohol for Atheists

chopard_happy_spirit.womanThere are so many ways to connect with spirit that chosing only the liquid one not just seems like, but also is a lazy mistake.

Happy Time

Certainly, in every earthly case, there is always something else to be said and detail that lacks to the perfection can always be found. Yet shutting up and fully enjoying the moments of happiness seems to be an enlightened choice.

The Eldest Profession

What would our perfect and decent society do without having such immoral women to project all own mistakes on and blame them for?

Way the whores are shows exactly what majority of citizens  sweeps under the carpet and prefers not to admit about themselves in order to keep self convinced that they are the good and innocent ones.

Ways society suffers today is absolutely unworthy the lie they prefer to live in.

They even don’t know that they suffer considering their pain to be a norm and all one can do with such knowledge is to show other way through healing self.

It’s Hot

The fly walked across the empty table. It took her almost a minute.

Sky on Earth


Assertive Asset

Ability to say “not” is a very important life skill. Ability to answer the question “If not, than what instead?” is an art.

Mental Cages

Mentally developing, there is nothing more deadly than bunch of “friends” protecting each other from getting insight into true self.


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