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Childish Skill

During childhood, it takes some time to learn how to walk, yet almost everyone makes it after countless falls and get ups. It is astonishing that so many, so called adults, believe in falling without getting up while they can walk.




An excellent absurd where everything makes sense.

The yearning of the ugly and dependent on possessing creates the price.  True beauty always remains free and born out of unconditional love.

Balance Beyond

Almost everyone has been born in the culture and religion that is based on dualism. Therefore people are always pro or against. Being neutral, usually concerns ideas that have no influence on one’s life. Yet there is a choice that allows to perceive good and evil as a different frequencies of the same, pure energy and once the work on its quality begins, it starts the new chapter of life.

Ordinary Logic

While promising, some have proven how unworthy their words are. Their belief, that such value has changed while they’re accusing, is amazing.

Laundry by Night



It is not about denying the existence of boorishness. It’s about not creating it for each other.

“No” Rules

Some who are under totalitarian power of own mind claim, that there are no rules whatsoever. It’s really strange, considering that their obedience to the rule “all for myself” makes them completely predictable.


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