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Natural Medicine

Checking the doctor’s advice, proposed diet, treatment and prognosis according to the source that  had paid for doctor’s medical education. Possibility that patient will pay the same source for getting healthy according to such advice isn’t small.  Smaller that the difference in definition of treatment and healing. Despite numberless arguments science does depend from nature and never otherwise.



It is that comfortable feeling that a molecule gets while resting on the edge of the razor blade.

Paradise Found

The law, presence of tempter snake, consumption of apple and nudity could not happen in paradise because if God is perfect so would be the paradise created by such being. Therefore if the events in Bible took place than whether it wasn’t a paradise and God was fake or those events weren’t bad. Therefore instead preaching the fall of mankind they require conclusions that are drawn with the consequence to the perfectiveness of paradise.

(It is quite possible that I’m not the first one to discover that, yet it is very nice to come to this understanding.)

Social Ailment

There is a spot that tells you more about society than any sociological report. It’s the atmosphere in crowded elevator and way of leaving it on the ground floor.

Human Right

“The right not to be bothered, nor targeted by various marketing specialists, at least on one’s private property.”

So far Poles (and maybe other’s too) are not safe at home. Police cannot protect against peddlers who destroy signs against them and call again. Self phones are freely used to advertise, even against one’s will. As an angry environmentalist I could say it’s the use of stupid, post communist, catholic folk with poverty syndrome to spread the corporate way of life and get rid of all unnecessary stuff. I’d guess that system is totalitarian and it can be called capitalistic democracy but I know that it’s just normal democracy where nobody cares. Art of marketing is proving that there is never enough and my condolences to people who live that way. Art of living is enjoying what is without being bothered by the thirst for more.

Lucky One

I saw her downtown, today. Considering her connections, I can only guess that what she does is not gambling but the moneymaking.


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Go Green

Treat people exactly the same way they treat Earth. No exceptions, no mercy for unconscious ones. Start with yourself.

Very Long Bus Drive

Humanity is beyond understanding. Buzzing around, inventing problems instead of enjoying the fact of having their bladder empty most of the time.


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