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Perpetual Security

Own stupidity is man’s greatest enemy. Knowing and controlling it is enough to realize, that times are always safe.


Language Lesson

Everyone who feels entitled to conquer the Babel tower must acknowledge, that the elevator man does not speak any language.

Nature and Civilization

Civilization is the one, who while walking on a boulevard by the river, forgets that river was there first and boulevard itself is there because of the river.


One can charm and stick the ass (or wallet) out all over the place. And one can hit if touched without paying.


ngmtomatoesngmtomatosAre they genetically modified or is it just the simplicity of field by the highway?


There are the countries where I’ve seen women who kill themselves with plastic surgeries because they feel that their nature given body does not fit the social cannons of beauty. Men there concentrate to be best in the way they are seen and bite their palms or hit walls once left alone in a room. Children don’t dare to go to school with disc-man on the day the sale of mp3 players is launched not to be ridiculed by peers. Are those countries fake or is it their message of wealthy truth?

Have you noticed on the level higher than subliminal, that you had to close the ad below the screen in order to watch it?


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