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Measuring Artificiality

If you want to discover how artificial and non holistic your culture is go to the main square and measure how loud and fast is the frequency of high heels. If you want to survive write on your t-shirt: “When you told me about your problems I suggested you yoga to be possible solution. Since you never tried it, don’t bother me with repeating your story over and over again. “


Time Flows

I take, that measuring the time wasn’t invented to introduce the human dependence through the watch and from each other but to improve the communication among people. That’s why I’m writing it now.

Contra to Contradiction

Only such mind that profoundly accepts the bodily reality can attain independence from it.


It is a wonderful flower that has its time and place to blossom. Afterwards it has to pass so its wilted and rotting remainders do not spoil the seed it has given to the nature.

Art of Diplomacy

Such a creative way of telling someone to bug off that the recipient does not feel offended but flattered.

Other Kind of Logic

It happens during the conversation of opposite sexes when the female tries to secretly pull out of the man such an information which the man himself does not know, never had nor will ever have even the slightest idea about.

Every Day

It’s not about sole surviving but about enjoying the fact of survival. Reality cannot be enjoyed if it is not approached with creativity.


The only protection from inner demons is impeccability.

Freedom of Choice

“Someone” had already banned more than 200 herbal remedies from the Polish, non pharmaceutical market. Eg. euphrasia used for eye problems since centuries.  There was an article about it, government “noticed the mistake and formed commission to check it out with the effect coming up nobody knows when” but some folks have already woken up so the effect will be.

Let me guess, herbs are too cheap and too effective to produce a big money or political lobby.


euphrasia officinalis

Chemical drug, which has side effects and treats only symptoms but leaves the disease untouched and called chronic, is much more profitable way of dealing with disease in our age. Let’s say lazy, too comfortable, self centred and media brainwashed people require and deserve pharmaceutical treatment. But since marketing and commercial are not enough for all, English wikipedia uses sometimes expression “purported medicinal abilities”  when it comes to the description of herb’s healing powers. Surely, all generations who lived before the invention of pharmaceutical company must have had been wrong. Yet, I believe in natural remedies and it is my choice when it comes to healing.

Luckily in the age of fooling people in the name of science it is too late for burning books or closing gardens. Doctors know what’s inside the drug and they need to treat themselves too. Law cannot ban the blood circulation or modify the laws of gravity. Ways of natural healing are natural so they will prevail.


Despite the question, will the species of mankind manage to get mature enough to protect own environment or not, the Earth will prevail.


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