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Warning Theory

Considering the attitude of economically developed countries during the Copenhagen summit “so rich but still a bitch” comes to mind. It’s so much easier to notice virtue among the real poor. Not to mistake with those, who think poor in their flats, full of well commercialized, unnecessary yet never shared with others things. Probably to experience those ones finding virtues, world will need some grave consequences of global warming.


Iron Irony

Those who had conquered their fears and had chosen not to be united with others through fear belong to the most feared ones.

Civilized Inanimate

There are people who are attached to their cars, shoes, play-stations or sausages. Their attachment to processed meat and inanimate objects is bigger than to fellow human beings and other forms of life on that planet. What they put in themselves, what they surround themselves with, does it make them alive or dead? Whatever if their definition of normality and life I’m glad to have perspective to it.

Law of Permanence

Once you discover that you are seen and never heard, the only solution to be listened to is to disappear forever.

Law of Knowing

If you do something only because you think that it is good better stop. If you don’t feel it nor know that you do good, it’s much safer not to do anything.

Copenhagen Matrix

Isn’t it amazing, that among the societies living their Cartesian dreams of civilization, average city pigeon knows more about basics of survival than the legion of academics… .

To Be

Even if dogmas of the religion claim, that person like me has no right to exist whatsoever yet I am and I breathe it becomes obvious, that God has not much to to with the religion.


I wish you all to survive facing your ideals.

Facing Fencing

Yourself can be the one and only obstacle on a way between you and your freedom.

Law of Unbounded

People, similarly to other living creatures, are not for sale. Even those who believe so.


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