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The fool ceases to be a fool at the very moment of realizing own foolishness.


Errare humanum Est

We think that we know but we don’t know that we think.

Law of Honesty

Extracting all the soap through which so called common sense is trying to control the population, one does not doom self while betraying a spouse but in effect of not informing him/her about it.

One Night Stand

Once I strip you from all your secrets I’m gone. Unless I find something worthy to live for.

Saving Speech

As long as the only fact you want to prove is the fact that you have a different opinion in some matters, meanwhile there are no physical conclusions one can see coming from your arguments, there is no need to talk at all.


There are no dogmas.


Not being afraid to love.


If there were aliens, who are collectively as self centred and egotistic species as we are, they’d describe human as a most developed kind of ape that walks on two legs and thinks too much.

Deus absque Machina

Some artists claim that they can feel free only on the stage. As if we all, slaves of desires and ones who tend to be free, wouldn’t live on it.


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