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Generation Deterioration

How can we work on the balance with nature with minds that are not capable of imagining the life without toilet paper?


Fuck Off

I understand, you are really thinking that you love while exercising attachment. Knowledge, that it is not my problem, is all I can give.

Taste of Milk

I had a glass of milk straight from the source today. Do you remember how does the real milk tastes like?


He should have abandon her first moment they met. On the other hand it took her five long years of hard work to make him finally understand that women also have their own opinion which can disagree with his own.

Law of the Mirror

Once you don’t accept all aspects of me, you probably don’t accept all aspects of yourself. However it is expressed, tell me dear, why would it be anyhow my issue as long as you don’t ask me for help?


After being shown and told how much should I feel privileged because of working in the team of such successful and rapidly growing international corporation, I always feel irresistible temptation to say:

“Yeah, that’s so fantastic. And what are we going to do once all the oil is gone?”

My pocket does not allow me to do so, yet my eyes are true enough to make interviewing ones  turn sights, bringing me the same outcome as if I’d asked.

Yeah, that’s so fantastic. Is there any normal, Earth balanced job out there?


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