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Essence of Writing

Books die the day they are published. Public gets only the taste of afterlife.


Adulthood and Maturity

Those who realize that they are not gods or that the material world is not perfect reach adulthood. Those who recollect the sense of divine within them way they knew it in childhood reach maturity.

V.I.P Pass

People can unite in all kinds of ways. They are the members of nations they can belong to the organizations or subcultures. There is only one group that none can be taken to or expelled from – free men. Every member belongs there only due to the own spiritual development.

Peace Equinox

One cannot fight for peace. Only acting with fidelity to peace is possible.

Under the Carpet

Quite an amazing place to be. One’s existence has been strengthened in such particular way: thanks to all the efforts of being forgotten and defined to be non-existent at all. And the place itself: puts of balance all those, who try to walk on the carpet. Simply, endeavoured with power by the powers which consider themselves to be on the other side.

Law of Choice

It’s not so difficult to live green. Even in modern society with understanding the future consequences of present lifestyle. Accepting people that chose the consumerism path is much more difficult and challenging task. Once possible, sets free.


It’s a real miracle, that the Church considered this miracle to be a miracle.

Steps of Mankind

When it comes to the toes, except few lucky ones born into aborigine cultures, we are all mutants.


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