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Expressing the works of the nature as if they were personal merits is the most insidious manipulation that people treat each other with.



The only kind of chauvinistic pigs which claims, that women shouldn’t be allowed into the kitchen.

Denomination of Guilt

In order not to be overpowered by the guilt it’s enough to use words only for communication and to stay honest with oneself.

Mind Projection

World isn’t the way you describe it. That’s the way your mind is in such moment.


I’m an oil covered pelican which is dying on a dark beach. I envy people for their self confidence and faith in bright future with which they take up the next loan while munching genetically modified chips. I’m in fear but I’m dying with peace, accepting what’s to come. Beach is empty, people does not visit anymore, lulled to sleep by the ocean hum recorded three years ago and emitted on channel ten. Dream on that planet is nur für Menschen. I could fall asleep into the dream of self confidence too, after all our bodies are equally fragile, but I’m just a bird and I have no political lobby. Few of men wake up, even less do not return to sleep again. Although I don’t exist in their brains, my fear is real just like their anxiety for spider or boss. My dying is real. So is theirs.

More Learning

If all you know about life does not allow you to control your atoms in order to transform them into whatever you wish or disperse them whenever you wish than you definitely don’t know enough about life. I know that even though I don’t know enough about life.

Vege Rege

When you don’t eat meat long enough to hear the voice of inner self than you don’t have to go to a doctor anymore. Your energy reaches the level of purity in which body can communicate with mind through intuition – sending thoughts or pictures of needs. All you do is prepare the medicine it asks for, while in the process of self healing. And you need to be a meat-eater to emotionally deny the truth written above without even the slightest attempt of trying.

Old People

Nobody’s opinion can be respected only because of the more years on Earth spent on being stupid. Seniors also have to act and speak truthfully to their way to be respected.

CO²mmercial Ban

Considering economic impact and scientific approach on client the marketing has an immense influence on all of us, whether we are conscious of it or not. It’s the only “freedom of choice” which does not allow to be free of receiving commercials. Making it illegal would help many in evaluating own needs to the level of “enough” instead of constant “more”. In effect it would serve the reduction of CO2 emissions much better than all the “protecting our way of life” campaigns. Way of life created by the culture of death isn’t worth protecting and sooner or later will be lawfully transformed.

Religions Politics

Most of the systems created for man by other men offers life with the promise of brighter future. Only man oneself can provide self with life in the bright present.


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