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Shrink Way

Sex taboo society is raised in sometimes can block the human body towards the receiving and sending the energy, which comes from different sources than the body itself. In those cases release happens only  during the sexual intercourse, meanwhile basic state refers to the tension, softer yet similar to the one received during beating. That may lead to the sex addiction and can be released throgh these exercises, that tune the body towards the consciously understood interactions with environment. Interactions that consist sensations other than the basic package delivered by culture in form of promoted violence and supression of sex into taboo. Creating rolemodels that handle and promote wider interactions can help the society. Even today individual can find those, who thanks to gentle discipline and pleasure bringing exercises are capable of increasing the quality of own energy through the opening to the natural sources. There the  quality of healthy energy is higher than in their own bodies and therefore they learn how to transform incoming, poor social energy into the one of higher quality.


Very Zen

Only those live in the hell of chaos, who have chosen worlds without rules.


There was a boy, who once understood the relationship between the way of consumption in his culture and the Earth stopped to move. Doctors asked him why doesn’t he act according to his ecological beliefs and he answered, that it is impossible since his every move supports absurd oil consumption and greenhouse effect. Civilization become such a swamp that staying motionless is all that one can do not to draw. Than doctors asked him, what sense does such life has. He answered that one can never know, maybe there will be a thunderstorm at night, thunder will strike the tree which will fall right next to him so he can climb out.

Way of Control

Shouldn’t consist silence, when comes the time to admit the lack of it.


I’m as blonde as the civilization around me.

Macho Man

It takes balls to play coward among pertified ones.

Obvious, despite the Civilization

I was born man noone sane can deny it. I don’t have to proove my manhood to anyone my father included.


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