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Once not filled with fear, bounding, negation or disbelief means just a leap in perception.



Shut up. And mind the gap.

Immunity Sensed

Pain exists only within the territory of martyr’s god. Withdrawing from desires that consist its powers, including the will of changing those who contain its vibrations, allows not to fall into them. Therefore pain reminds about self state of consciousness and knowledge about such dependency handles its neutralization through proper choices. Interactions with more effective energies is possible when the pain containing desires are cast away.

Rule of Managing

Emotional emptiness can be suppressed by every kind of work but comes back if not worked on.

Human Life

Cannot be evaluated through the eyes of social convention. Unless we want to prove ourselves that we are dead.

Difference Between

Boys are the blind ones, men are those who can see. However the fact that born blind can achieve happiness and never misses the colours shall not be forgotten.

Teenage Rage

Transformation from obedience to the rules into obedience to the denial of rules. Wise parent never goes dogmatic, gives time and space to understand the rules and the idea of free choice.


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