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The most addictive habit man has ever realized.



Best way to receive many is not to have any.


To complain that world has no manners is not enough.  Let’s start to have some.

Conscious Difference

Only complete idiots never doubt their own intelligence. It is much better to know that one is an idiot and monitor such state eventually the progress out of it.

Internet Wonder

The only one room among the millions of chat rooms which is always empty is the liars room. That’s proven, I’ve been there waiting for anyone to come since early nineties.

Logical Doubt

If men were truly the top of god’s creation than all they’ve created would bare the same quality.

Relativity of Space

In order to truly approach the people one must be capable of creating a great distance.

For Cowards

Avoiding responsibility is not a freedom. No matter how fast and how far you run. In all cases you drag with you the head, the source of all your fears. Telling self otherwise never helps.


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