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Material Law

Every  body looks and radiates accordingly to the consciousness that wears it.


Watching the Watch

Fear of being enslaved may actually do the bounds better than an actual master.

Tiny Oops

Our culture concentrates on finding a man who fits a job instead of finding a jobs that fit the man.

Physical Beauty

Having a beautiful body is an average art. Not being enslaved by it is the real art.

What The Fact

When you suddenly, without any fight, became the alpha male due to the lack of competition it does make you think about the quality of collective consciousness or at last about the place you’ve found yourself in.

Warrior Way

In the times of complete darkness finding within self the strength to reflect light.

Mentor by Self Acclamation

Wasting time and energy on giving advices to those ones who do not seek them shows that one is not smart enough to have a useful advices.


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