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Feels as if someone has snatched out my left wing. How deep into self must I go to discover the reason?



Nothing can be really gained if not lost at some point.

Basics of Castaneda

There are more worlds and realities than TV channels in this world.

Law of Equal Cooperation

As long as your anima does not notice mine, mine fires yours.

Science of Science

It is very important to look for directions and keep driving. So many has stopped collecting the road signs.


Cannot hurt, if one does not keep any within self.

Anonymous Letters

Best and Worst wishes worth exactly the same.

To See or not to See

There is no other hell than the one mind is capable of creating or not creating for itself.

Such a Drag

The skill of being nonjudgmental isn’t about not pronouncing the judgments out loud. It’s about not making them.

Spirit over Matter

Even after considering all the pleasures that sex, once encountered, gives; I’m choosing to find within self the will of love instead. Even if the choice does not belong to easy one, I’m challenged to give myself to the intention that I’m capable of following such way giving the priority not to the testis but to the energy of love.


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