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Dual Thinking

Hell never was much about its symbols, flames and eternal suffering. When it comes to the singular mind, the plain consciousness of difference in the present does the job quite well.


Instant Profit

Widening consciousness with the understanding that everyone has own, unique consciousness.

Face of Maturity

Being brave enough to play coward, while it’s only way to pursuit the passion of life.


Some of them are to be broken, some of them are to be kept. It’s difficult to check them on oneself. Checking on others always is only the failure and the waste of lifetime. Gravity on the other hand, enslaves matter hosting even the most rebel of minds.


Goal of Television

Calming down, instead of creating new entertaining illusions. As long as there is illusion of suffering, curing of which can be  socially inspired.


All that time when mind, which considers self to be God, protects self from the disappearance, which proves its mortal nature.

Origin of Discussion

False consideration that the other mind, which expresses self in the present, is also stable.

Beauty Pageant

Let’s choose Ms Nation Corporation Hardcore Exaggeration next time. Facts, how loud is the sound of her high heels and how much rubbish can she shout out on one breath, should be considered in jury’s evaluation.

Matter of Fact

I don’t believe that my writing may ever change anyone. That fact doesn’t deprive me from any of the joy I have while writing.


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