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volume of Kisses vs volume of Uniforms

The most phenomenal absurd of our civilization is its system of controlling. It considers the violence to be an organized and normal part of self, meanwhile made the guilt out of physical lovemaking.


The Must

When it comes to the word “duty” the only use I can imagine for it is cleaning my internal dialogue from destructive thoughts created by old, off date fears, majority of which wasn’t even of my own creation.

Wholeness in Oneness

The day when mind frees from cultural pressure then sex stops to be the forbidden fruit. With the first practical consumption comes the realization, that body sex is far not enough to gain the satisfaction.

Changing Planes

Thank you for inspiring spiritual transformations within my family.

Self Confidence

I’m too much of the clown to make a fool out of myself.

Jungle Bell

One of the most amazing achievements of every civilization is the creation of illusion according to which the laws of jungle are not in order anymore. Earthly civilizations so far are created only when 99% of population forgets about it and 1% uses that fact for their own, humanly imperfect, advantage.


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